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Faction All
Previous Zone Reaper's March, Bangkorai, The Rift
Next Zone Cadwell's Silver - you may visit Craglorn or Wrothgar as well.
Number of Quests ??
Unique Achievements -

Coldharbour is a plane in Molag Bal's Oblivion domain in The Elder Scrolls Online, and the place where he is attempting to drag Tamriel into via Dark Anchors. 

All players start their journey here, with the quest Soul Shriven in Coldharbour. Players are called the " Soulless One" as the Daedric Prince of Domination has taken your soul. 

This area was originally designed for players levels 44-50, but has become Battle Leveled with One Tamriel.

Coldharbour has the following Overland Sets: Meridia's Blessed Armor Set, Prisoner's Rags Set, Stygian Set.



Coldharbour Maps


Coldharbour spectres eye set

coldharbour spectres eye set small

Coldharbour oblivions foe set

Map Coldharbour Obivion's Foe small


Coldharbour Quests

Coldharbour Quests.png 

Quest Name Obtained Reward
Escape Coldharbour In The Wailing Prison by talking to Hooded Figure Soulshriven Signet, 1 Skillpoint, Leveled Gold
The Weight of Three Crowns In Depends on your faction (after turning in Messages Across Tamriel) by talking to Vanus Galerion. Very High Leveled Gold
The Hollow City In Coldharbour by talking to Cadwell. Leveled Gold
The Army of Meridia In The Hollow City by talking to Groundskeeper. Ayleid’s Hope, Leveled Gold
Truth, Lies, and Prisoners In The Hollow City by talking to Gwillir. Skordo’s Stalwart, Leveled Gold
Through the Daedric Lens In Library of Dusk by talking to Projection of Kireth Vanos. Dungeon-Delving Staff, Leveled Gold
The Library of Dusk In Library of Dusk (after turning in Through the Daedric Lens) by talking to Kireth. Dungeon-Delving Mantle, Leveled Gold
The Lost Lute In The Grotto of Depravity by talking to Idria’s Lute. Battle Minstrel’s Mantle, Leveled Gold
Wisdom of the Ages In Haj Uxith by talking to Treeminder Xohaneel. Hist Bark Hide, Leveled Gold
Into the Woods In The Moonless Walk by talking to Abandoned Pack. Fighters Guild Visor, Leveled Gold
The Shadow's Embrace In The Moonless Walk by talking to Faraniel. Bow of Penumbra, Leveled Gold
An Unusual Circumstance In The Moonless Walk by talking to Tzik’nith. Bow of Penumbra, Leveled Gold
Light from the Darkness In The Moonless Walk (after turning in The Shadow's Embrace or An Unusual Circumstance) by talking to King Laloriaran Dynar. Ayleids' Coat of Memories, 1 Skill Point, Leveled Gold
Saving Stibbons In Spurned Peak by talking to Hastily Written Note. Stibbon’ Dress Trousers, Leveled Gold
Hall of Judgment In Court of Contempt by talking to Malkur Valos. Arbiter’s Vambraces, Leveled Gold
Soul Survivors In Village of the Lost by talking to Suronii. Leveled Gold
Holes in the World In Village of the Lost by talking to Mezha-dro. Mezha-dro’s Sealing Amulet, Leveled Gold
A Misplaced Pendant In The Cave of Trophies by talking to Pendant. Ahirunz’s Beloved Sash, Leveled Gold
Special Blend In The Everfull Flagon by talking to Gamirth. Everfull Girdle, Leveled Gold
The Soul-Meld Mage In The Vile Laboratory by talking to Gadris. Soul-Meld Staff, Leveled Gold
The Endless War In Cliffs of Failure by talking to The Observer. The Observer’s Battle Boots, Leveled Gold
A Thorn in Your Side In Cliffs of Failure by talking to The Observer. The Observer’s Battle Helm, Leveled Gold
Vanus Unleashed In The Black Forge by talking to Projection of Vanus Galerion. Black Forge Blade, Leveled Gold
Breaking the Shackle In The Black Forge (after turning in Vanus Unleashed) by talking to Vanus. Galerion’s Spare Staff, 1 Skill Point, Leveled Gold
Crossing the Chasm In The Chasm (after turning in The Army of Meridia) by talking to King Laloriaran Dynar. Molag Grunda’s Girdle, Leveled Gold
The Harvest Heart In The Chasm (after turning in Crossing the Chasm) by talking to Vanus. Blood-Red Brogans, Leveled Gold
News of Fallen Kin In Mal Sorra’s Tomb by talking to Fighter’s note. Battle Bracers, Leveled Gold
What the Heart Wants In The Manor of Revelry by talking to Fatahala. Stibbons’ Dress Shirt, Leveled Gold
A Graveyard of Ships In The Lost Fleet by talking to Captain One-Eye. Leveled Gold
Between Blood and Bone In The Lost Fleet (after turning in A Graveyard of Ships) by talking to Captain One-Eye. Privateer Clogs, Leveled Gold
Old Bones In The Lost Fleet by talking to Bosun Bones. Old Bones’ Shivering Timber, Leveled Gold
The Anguish Gem In The Wailing Maw by talking to Dralnas. Morrowind Vambraces, Leveled Gold
The Citadel Must Fall In The Reaver Citadel by talking to King Dynar. Bulwark of the Citadel, Leveled Gold
The Final Assault In The Reaver Citadel (after turning in The Citadel Must Fall) by talking to Vanus. Ayleid’s Wrath, 1 Skill Point, Leveled Gold
God of Schemes In The Harborage, Heart's Grief by talking to The Prophet. Great Axe of the Titanborn OR The Emperor's Blessing OR Sword Saint's Blade, 1 Skill Point[verification needed], Soul Magic Rank 6, Leveled Gold


Coldharbour Locales & Notes





Alik'r Desert  ♦  Artaeum  ♦  Auridon  ♦  Bal Foyen  ♦  Bangkorai  ♦  Betnikh  ♦  Bleakrock Isle  ♦  Clockwork City  ♦  Craglorn  ♦  Cyrodiil  ♦  Deshaan  ♦  Eastmarch  ♦  Elsweyr  ♦  Glenumbra  ♦  Gold Coast  ♦  Grahtwood  ♦  Greenshade  ♦  Hew's Bane  ♦  Imperial City  ♦  Khenarthis Roost  ♦  Malabal Tor  ♦  Murkmire  ♦  Reaper's March  ♦  Rivenspire  ♦  Shadowfen  ♦  Southern Elsweyr  ♦  Stonefalls  ♦  Stormhaven  ♦  Stros M'Kai  ♦  Summerset  ♦  The Rift  ♦  Thieves Den  ♦  Vvardenfell  ♦  Western Skyrim  ♦  Wrothgar


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