Quest: An Unusual Circumstance
Questgiver: Tzik’nith
Level: 45
Location: The Moonless Walk
Reward: Bow of Penumbra, 352 gold
Video Guide: Click here
Collect the Shard of Darkness and Shard of Light
If you touch the Wisp of Light in the area, the guardians next to the Shards won’t attack you and you can easily avoid killing any of the wood elves

  • Talk to Faraniel Before Leaving
  • Collect the Stolen Lamia Eggs
  • Talk to Tzik'nith Near the Wood Elf Camp
  • Collect the Shard of Light
  • Collect the Shard of Darkness
  • Meet the Lamias at the Central Camp
  • Use the Shards to Open the Council Portal
  • Enter the Portal
  • Talk to Queen Fah'jik
  • Talk to Tzik'nith
  • Enter the Ruined Passage
  • Collect Light of Meridia
  • Talk to the Projection of King Laloriaran Dynar

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