Quest: A Thorn in Your Side
Quest giver: The Observer
Level: 47
Location: Cliffs of Failure
Reward: The Observer’s Battle Helm, 362 gold
Video Guide: Click here

"To save the Mages Guild members that were forced to compete in the Observer's game, I decided to side with Angof. Now I just need to find a way to win the game."

  • Talk to Angof the Undying
  • Defeat Estre's Champion
  • Defeat Thallik's Champion
  • Return to the Cave Entrance
  • Talk to Juline Ginis
  • Enter the Observer's Watch
  • Survive the Observer's Challenge
  • Defeat the Observer
  • Find the Mages
  • Talk to the Observer
  • Talk to Juline
  • Talk to Angof

Prerequisite Quest

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