Quest: Hall of Judgment
Quest giver: Malkur Valos
Level: 46
Location: Court of Contempt
Reward: Arbiter’s Vambraces, 357 gold
Video Guide: Click here

  • Earth Crystal
  • Destroy Elemental Crystals
  • Air Crystal
  • Fire Crystal
  • Collect the Gate Key
  • Talk to Malkur Valos
  • Enter the Hall of Judgement
  • Enter the Holding Cells
  • Collect the Cage Key
  • Rescue Denthis Romori
  • Rescue Dithis Romori
  • Rescue Tarrami
  • Talk to Tarrami
  • Meet the Mages Outside
  • Defend the Mages
  • Exit the Hall of Judgment
  • Gate Flavor Scene
  • Kill Optional Boss

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