Quest: The Harvest Heart
Quest giver: Vanus
Level: 49
Location: The Chasm (after turning in Crossing the Chasm)
Reward: Blood-Red Brogans, 372 gold
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"Vampires occupy the Orchard beyond the Chasm, somehow empowered by Molag Bal's Harvest Heart. The vampires need to be dealt with before our forces can push forward toward the planar vortex."

  • Collect Vampire Blood
  • Destroy Vampire Lair
  • Mark Vampire Lairs
  • Locate the Harvest Heart
  • Talk to Virgar the Red
  • Support Virgar the Red
  • Defend West Ritual Site
  • Defend East Ritual Site
  • Return to the Harvest Heart
  • Light Binding Totem
  • Return to Ritual
  • Watch Ritual
  • Help Virgar and Vanus Complete the Ritual

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