Quest: What the Heart Wants
Quest giver: Fatahala
Level: 49
Location: The Manor of Revelry
Reward: Stibbons’ Dress Shirt, 596 gold
Defend Stibbons through the cave
This quest can bug out if there are too many players doing it. It seems that only one player can do the escort at a time and if you help with someone’s else it doesn’t count. You need to run back to the start of the cave tunnel and relog to get your Stibbons to reappear.
Video Guide: Click here

"I met a Soul Shriven named Fatahala. She claims that this Manor of Revelry isn't what it appears to be. Furthermore, she wants me to help Stibbons, who she tells me is in mortal danger here."

  • Enter the Manor
  • Talk to Stibbons
  • Eat Banquet
  • Examine the Banquet
  • Meet Stibbons at the Banquet
  • Talk to Fatahala
  • Go to the Pools
  • Talk to Shayaifa
  • Use the Basin
  • Enter the Manor House
  • Find Stibbons
  • Kill Shayaifa
  • Collect the Cage Key
  • Free Stibbons
  • Collect Lady Laurent's Emerald
  • Collect Lady Laurent's Diamond
  • Follow Stibbons
  • Clear a Path
  • Defend Stibbons
  • Leave the Manor of Revelry
  • Kill Nuzara
  • Kill Rayyaima
  • Talk to Nuzara

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