Quest: The Endless War
Questgiver: The Observer
Level: 47
Location: Cliffs of Failure
Reward: The Observer’s Battle Boots, 362 gold
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"I discovered the Cliffs of Failure, where Molag Bal's failed servants compete to get back into his good graces. Lost members of the Mages Guild have been ensnared in this twisted game, and I need to join in to save them."

  • Find Juline
  • Place the Seeds on the Dead
  • Return to Juline
  • Aid the Mages Guild Members
  • Find Mim
  • Find Thallik's Rune Circle
  • Use the Death Rune at a Rune Circle
  • Slay Opponents Before the Rune's Power Fades
  • Fill the Death Rune by Slaying Opponents
  • Return to Mim
  • Find Relmus
  • Find Relmus' Lost Shadow
  • Find the Piece Where the River Meets the Gaze
  • Find the Piece By the Broken, Frozen Giants
  • Find the Piece By the Bridge Where Vines Live
  • Return to the Shadow

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