Quest: The Citadel Must Fall
Quest giver: King Dynar
Level: 50
Location: The Reaver Citadel
Reward: Bulwark of the Citadel, 604 gold
Note: Find a way into the Citadel - There is a gap in the wall
Video Guide: Click here

"King Dynar has devised a two-pronged attack to take control of the Reaver Citadel. It utilizes the old Fighters and Mages Guilds' halls located in this ancient Nirn city."

  • Go To(Hidden)
  • Talk to Lyranth
  • Find a Way Into the Citadel
  • Collect Fighters Guild Ward Key
  • Deactivate the Guild Hall Wards
  • Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar in the Fighters Guild Hall
  • eilram(Hidden)
  • Go to the Upper City
  • Collect Portal Gem(Hidden)
  • Collect Portal Stones
  • Enter the Mages Guild Hall
  • Restore Portal Crystal(Hidden)
  • Restore the Portal Stones
  • Talk to Vanus Galerion
  • Find the Pyramid Entrance
  • Enter the Pyramid
  • Kill Valkynaz Seris
  • Find the Labyrinth Key
  • Find Vanus Galerion

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