Quest: The Library of Dusk
Questgiver: Kireth
Level: 44
Location: Library of Dusk (after turning in Through the Daedric Lens)
Reward: Dungeon-Delving Mantle, 556 gold
Video Guide: Click here

  • Talk to Kireth Vanos
  • Use the Observation Windows
  • Enter the Library of Dusk
  • Find Raynor Vanos
  • Talk to Raynor Vanos
  • Find Lady Clarisse Laurent
  • Find Telenger the Artificer
  • Read Telenger's Note
  • Talk to Telenger the Artificer
  • Enter the Vault
  • Enter the Library Vault Portal
  • Find the Source of Power
  • Take the Light of Meridia
  • Leave the Floating Rock

Prerequisite Quest:
Through the Daedric Lens

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