Quest: Into the Woods
Quest giver: Abandoned Pack
Level: 45
Location: The Moonless Walk
Reward: Fighters Guild Visor, 352 gold
Video Guide: Click here
Collect Spriggan Bark – they come from the Spriggans in the area
Once you cross the Ayleid bridge after touching the Wisp of Light, you will find a runner you can follow.

  • Search the Camp
  • Find the Fighters Guild Members
  • Follow the Direction of the Blades
  • Talk to Faraniel
  • Collect Spriggan Bark
  • Bring the Spriggan Bark to Faraniel
  • Cross the Ayleid Bridge
  • Follow the Shadow Runner
  • Follow a Shadow Runner
  • Talk to Sergeant Kamu
  • Ask Sergeant Kamu for Advice
  • Ask the Lamia for Help
  • Ask the Wood Elf for Help

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    • Anonymous

      Find set Kamu30 May 2016 15:19  

      Go South from the Moonless Walk way shrine, you will find Sgt. Kamu next to the wall in of The Lightless Oubliette

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