Wisdom of the Ages


Haj Uxith


Hist Bark Hide
Very High Leveled Gold

Wisdom of the Ages is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

An ancient Argonian settlement called Haj Uxith occupies a dark corner of Coldharbour. The Argonians want to help me in my quest, but they seem to be divided over something related to their Hist tree.



  • Treeminder Xohaneel on the road leading to Haj Uxith



  • Talk to Treeminder Xohaneel.
  • Complete the Trials of Body and Spirit.
    • Destroy the Sap Collection Facility.
    • Find the people who embody the Argonian's spiritual values.
  • Settle the debate between the scholars and the warriors.
  • Defeat the Champion, or bypass it using Persuade/Intimidate.






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