Quest: Wisdom of the Ages
Questgiver: Treeminder Xohaneel
Level: 46
Location: Haj Uxith
Reward: Hist Bark Hide, 572 gold
Video Guide: Click here
Trail of Spirit
- Give Amulet to Ashgar: Amulet of Preservation
- Give Amulet to Teelawei: Amulet of Courage
- Give Amulet to Desh-Wazei: Amulet of Endurance
Place the Gems
- Statue of Life: Endurance
- Statue of Time: Preservation
- Statue of the Unknown: Courage

  • Talk to Sir Henrik to find out where he hid the Shield of the Crusader.
  • Explore Fort Bulwark, solving three puzzles to gain access to the innermost room.
  • Retrieve the Shield of the Crusader.

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