Quest: Special Blend
Questgiver: Gamirth
Level: 47
Location: The Everfull Flagon
Reward: Everfull Girdle, 580 gold
Video Guide: Click here
Gather Kyne’s Tears
- These are tiny plants around tree trunks.
Find Hautt’s Lute
- You will find it inside a barrel of the burnt down house

"I came across a dead body on the path to the Everfull Flagon. The dead body clutches a note."

  • Read the Note
  • Talk to Tavern Patrons
  • Talk to Nelhilda
  • Locate Kyne's Shrine
  • Find a Runestone of Kyne
  • Kill the Spinner of Lies
  • Gather Kyne's Tears
  • Give Kyne's Tears to Nelhilda
  • Take the Purifying Potion
  • Purify the Casks of Special Blend
  • Talk to Bernt the Brittle
  • Talk to Hautt
  • Talk to Hridi
  • Find Hautt's Lute
  • Find Hridi's Dueling Daggers
  • Find Hridi's Daggers
  • Return to the Everfull Flagon
  • Talk to Bernt
  • Find the Thane's Lair
  • Defeat the Thane
  • Set the Villagers' Souls Free

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    • Anonymous

      Glitch30 May 2016 15:18  

      I'm having a bit of a problem with this quest on the PS4 version of the game. The kynes tears never become visable. Bit of a issue

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