Soul Survivors


Village of the Lost


High Leveled Gold

Soul Survivors is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Three villages were absorbed into a plane of Oblivion, in an attempt to bring them into Coldharbour: one Dunmer, one Khajiit, and one Orc. The Dunmer Suronii has a plan to help herself and the other village leaders escape.



  • Suronii



  • Find Zirani and Ugorz in the ruins of their respective villages and talk to them.
    • If you fail to convince them, kill their nearby Taskmaster.
  • Head to the Overseer's Overlook.
  • Talk to Suronii.
  • Jump off the cliff or refuse to help Suronii.
  • Depending on choice; talk with Suronii or Overseer Grexev.




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