Quest: The Final Assault
Quest giver: Vanus
Level: 50
Location: The Reaver Citadel (after turning in The Citadel Must Fall)
Reward: Ayleid’s Wrath, 1 Skill Point, 604 gold
Open the Library Gate
- Touch the Daedric Fire and then aim it towards one of the braziers on the wall (there is a brazier near each fire)
- Lit all 4 braziers to open the gate
Cross the Dark Chamber
- Follow the blue lit from the torches
Find a path through the Statue Room
- Make sure you talk to Gabrielle first
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"The final assault to end the Planemeld is at hand. We need to fight our way through Molag Bal's defenses and reach the portal to the planar vortex. Only then can we end this threat and save our world."

  • Talk to Gabrielle
  • Talk to Hahnin
  • Choose a Companion for the Initial Assault
  • Talk to King Dynar
  • Receive King Dynar's Briefing
  • Go to the Reinforcement Portal
  • Defeat the Guardian of the Gate
  • Close the Reinforcement Portal
  • Open the Labyrinth
  • Talk to Vanus Galerion
  • Enter the Labyrinth
  • Touch the Flames to Gain Their Power
  • Light the Fires to Activate the Pipes(Hidden)
  • Open the Library Gate
  • Enter the Next Area
  • Cross the Dark Chamber
  • Cross the Bridge
  • Find a Path Through the Statue Room
  • Exit the Statue Room
  • Find the Planar Vortex Portal
  • Defeat the Guardian of the Portal
  • Talk to the Groundskeeper
  • Enter the Planar Vortex Portal
  • Talk to Meridia
  • Let Meridia Know When You Are Ready
  • Dark Anchor(Hidden)
  • Wave Event 1(Hidden)
  • Wave Event 2(Hidden)

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