The Soul-Meld Mage


The Vile Laboratory


Soul-Meld Staff

Leveled Gold

The Soul-Meld Mage is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

I met Gadris the Dark Elf and Zur the Khajiit. These two mages share a single body, as their souls were melded at this Vile Laboratory when they arrived in Coldharbour. This soul-meld has weakened them. If they remain combined, they will surely die.



  • Gadris



  • Talk to Gadris.
  • Talk to Zur.
  • Collect Zur's notes and tincture.
  • Enter the laboratory.
  • Squeeze through the rubble and find Gadris' notes.
  • Gather the items and catalyst, and forge the antipodal rods.
  • Meet Gadris at the Overseer's Atelier.
  • Find the power crystal.
  • Activate the machine.
  • Take the Light of Meridia and leave the laboratory.




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      what happens if you pick zur? I did and i cannot complete the army of meridia, is there anything i can do now ?

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