Quest: Crossing the Chasm
Quest giver: King Laloriaran Dynar
Level: 48
Location: The Chasm (after turning in The Army of Meridia)
Reward: Molag Grunda’s Girdle, 367 gold
Video Guide: Click here

"The army has been gathered and the time has come to take the battle to Molag Bal! But to reach the planar vortex at the heart of the Dark Lord's inner sanctum, we have to cross the well-defended Chasm."

  • Talk to Cadwell
  • Follow Cadwell to the Chasm
  • Talk to Gathwen
  • Portal Stone
  • Destroy the Focus Stones
  • Enter the Portal
  • Gathwen Scene
  • Close the East Portal
  • Close the West Portal
  • Gathwen Runs Up
  • Go to the Gatehouse
  • Enter the Gatehouse Span
  • Cross the Span
  • Start the North Flywheel
  • Start the South Flywheel
  • Unlock the Gatehouse
  • Kill Molag Grunda
  • Exit the Gatehouse
  • Meet Vanus Galerion Outside
  • Go to the Chasm
  • Talk to Cadwell at the Gatehouse

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