Quest: Light from the Darkness
Quest giver: King Laloriaran Dynar
Level: 46
Location: The Moonless Walk (after turning in The Shadow's Embrace or An Unusual Circumstance)
Reward: Ayleids’ Coat of Memories, 1 Skill Point, 572 gold
Video Guide: Click here
Note: Set King Laloriaran Dynar Free
Destroy the North/South Receiver: Rotate the crystal prisms until they all connect together and then finally go to the Receiver. Each prism takes about 5-6 presses to get their light rotate to the next one.

  • Talk to the Projection of King Laloriaran Dynar
  • Enter the Tower
  • Take the Flameshadow Crystal
  • Place the Flameshadow Crystal
  • Use Light of Meridia to Disrupt Binding Shadows
  • Take the Mindshadow Crystal
  • Place the Mindshadow Crystal
  • Take the Lifeshadow Crystal
  • Place the Lifeshadow Crystal
  • Recover Oubliette Crystals
  • Enter King Dynar's Prison
  • Activate the North Emitter
  • Destroy the North Receiver
  • Activate the South Emitter
  • Destroy the South Receiver
  • Set King Laloriaran Dynar Free
  • Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar
  • Follow King Laloriaran Dynar
  • Meet King Laloriaran Dynar in the Hollow City

Prerequisite Quest

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