King of Rape, Harvester of Souls
Daedra, Daedric Prince
Various Vampire Groups, Daedra Worship.
Coldharbour, Oblivion.
Molag Grunda(Daughter)
In Game Health
In Game Status
Molag Bal King of Rape and Harvester of Souls is the Daedric Prince of Domination and Slavery, he will be functioning as the primary antagonist of The Elder Scrolls Online. While commonly referred to as a he just like any other Daedric Prince, Molag Bal is truly gender-less and can appear in many forms. He has regularly appeared as a goat-like humanoid creature sometimes green skinned, other times a dark tan. Fur covers his legs and rests as patches on his body while hooves are at the ends of his legs. While this is his common fiendish appearance as a Daedric Prince he is likely not bound to any form and can appear however he wishes, one cult in particular has mentioned Molag Bal appearing as a woman.


This Daedra lives up to the reputation of his wicked kind, regularly he is threatening and always appears to be in control of any conversation he is holding. Molag Bal leaves little room for the whims of others demanding service to avoid violent acts that he may commit against any person he so desires. Mortals and even Daedra mean nothing to him as he is entirely self servicing without any care for another being in existence. For those that do exactly as he says he will give boons and decide to not slaughter them to sate his own blood lust.

Plane of Oblivion

The realm of Oblivion that is under Molag Bal's control is Coldharbour. Throughout TESO players will be facing Daedra from this realm and may even pass into it to face hellish world. In essence it is a version of Nirn in which the world has been mostly destroyed. Disgusting sludge covers the ground, the skies are ablaze with fire, dark and old ruins can be found everywhere, even a version of the White Gold Tower is found in his realm though it is covered in blood and excrement from unknown beings. This place is incredibly cold with the air being filled with various scents that are potent to any perceiving them.


Molag Bal has made many lasting impacts upon the world of Nirn both directly and indirectly. One of the most fabled legends is of his raping of a Nedic virgin which turned her into the first Vampire. Afterwards she was said to go on to slay all in her home. He is closely linked to Vampires often giving them his "blessing" in exchange for his services. There have been numerous accounts of him appearing to mortals on Nirn offering them an artefact in exchange for them completing a task in his name. Molag Bal has regularly opposed the Dunmer for unknown reasons though it is just as likely that his only reason is to see such people suffer for his own enjoyment.
During the Second Era in 2E 583, Molag Bal decided to make his move. He began to let loose Dark Anchors into the world to try and pull Nirn into his realm of Oblivion, Coldharbour. Various mortals, including those that associate with the Fighters Guild, banded together to try and thwart this. However the King of Rape has various sorts of monsters and Daedra under his control making it no simple task for adventurers or heroes to simply sever the ties to his realm.


Of course Molag Bal is well known for his famous mace called the Vampire's Mace, or as it is more commonly known The Mace of Molag Bal. This weapon appears as a rusted black old mace that has been drenched in blood that has stained the very metal. Its covered in spikes and has the capability of draining the power of a foe and giving it to the wielder of it. The Daedric Prince is very willing to give it out to those who serve him probably less to aid them and more so because the thought of it spilling blood and causing havoc is simply joyous to him.

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