Quest: Truth, Lies and Prisoners
Quest giver: Gwillir
Level: 44
Location: The Hollow City
Reward: Skordo’s Stalwart, 556 gold
Video Guide: Click here

  • Jump Into the Water
  • Talk to Skordo
  • Locate Lyranth
  • Talk to the Dremora Prisoner
  • Find Borgath
  • Rescue Sinfay, Borgath, and Vikord Skullcleaver
  • Find Sinfay
  • Find Vikord
  • Meet Skordo Outside the Overseer's Chamber
  • Kill Overseer Aruz
  • Get the Key to the Passage
  • Enter the Passage
  • Leave the Passage
  • Use Passage to Upper Level
  • Talk to Captain Eilram
  • Find Captain Eilram's Sword
  • Go to Captain Arakh's Camp
  • Return the Sword to Eilram
  • Find Captain Arakh's Helm
  • Return the Helmet to Arakh
  • Listen to the Two Captains
  • Talk to Lyranth
  • Kill Ifriz
  • Talk to Captain Arakh
  • Go to the Portal
  • Take the Light of Meridia
  • Use the Portal

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