Truth, Lies, and Prisoners


Tower of Lies


Skordo's Stalwart
Very High Leveled Gold

Truth, Lies, and Prisoners is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

While exploring Coldharbour, I came across the Tower of Lies. Instead of a tower, the place is actually a hole in the ground where members of the Fighters Guild have been imprisoned.



  • Gwilir or Skordo the Knife



  • Jump into the pit.
  • Talk to Skordo the Knife.
  • Rescue the Fighters Guild members.
  • Meet Skordo at the Overseer's chamber.
  • Find the passage to the next level.
  • Locate Captain Eilram and recover his sword.
  • Locate Captain Arakh and recover her helm.
  • Talk to Lyranth.
  • Kill Ifriz the Unraveler.
  • Talk to Captain Arakh.
  • Take the Light of Meridia.
  • Talk to Skordo.




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