Skyshards in  Coldharbour in Elder Scrolls Online. This page shows all skyshards in the Coldharbour region.

Coldharbour Skyshards

Total Skyshards​ 16
Landscape 10
Dungeon 6


coldharbour map 01.jpg

No Achievement Location
1 East of the bastion of deceit Northwest of Hollow City Wayshrine
2 Discarded from the mages' walls South of Hollow City Wayshrine
3 Seek a shattered bridge suspended. Outside The Lightless Oubliette, west of Moonless Walk Wayshrine, in the water
4 Unfit for court Just outside the south wall of the Court of Contempt
5 Ejected from the Village. Southwest of Village of the Lost, in the water
6 Among the vessel's burnt cousins. Near Everfull Flagon Tavern, surrounded by Soul Shriven
7 In the Chasm's western watchtower. In the Chasm, west of portal
8 Not invited into the plotting wives' home. Manor of Revelry, behind the broken wall
9 Washed to strange shores with the fleet. Go through the Coral Tower Tunnel to the other end. Exiting the tunnel turn right, skyshard is in the water on coral. 
10 Among the bones of Aba-Loria. Side room downstairs after coming out of the main room.
11 Enduring Forgefire's flames. Haman Forgefire top room in lava
12 Seek the deepest depravity. Grotto of Depravity, top left, in the water
13 Entombed in the Orchard. Mal Sorra's Tomb, Large room left of the entrance
14 One of the hunters' many prides. Cave of Trophies, bottom room on the left, full of Clannfear & Dremora
15 Where endless cries issue forth. Wailing Maw, Big room, bottom right with Frost Atronach
16 Behind disaster-claimed Dunmer hall. Village of the Lost, western side of the 'Ruins of Silver Run' island



*Skyshard #16 in the Wailing Maw has moved in the latest patch. It is now in the second large room upstairs, in a pile of huge icicles and being guarded by a Frost Atronach. Refer to the map below.
wailing maw skyshard.jpg

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    • Anonymous

      Should the Number 13 shard have something that says it's in the delve west of the Orchard Wayshrine? It gives no indication that you have to go into anything to find it other than the "entombed" part of the title.

      • Anonymous

        Number 3 is number 12 on xbox. Location are the important thing if they are right then will just a bit longer to get all.

        • Anonymous

          List seems fine to me, it’s just ordered differently than on the Xbox. With the order here you can make sure you have up to 11 found before you start the army of Meridia .

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