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Purifying the Wyrd Tree is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Purifying the Wyrd Tree Bestowal

The guardians wait inside the Wyrd Tree, ready to assist me against the Corruption of the Tree. Once the Corruption of the Tree is destroyed, the Wyrd Tree will be purified. Then the corruption will start to fade.


Wyrd Branch

1 Skill Point

57 Gold
(?) Gold
151 Gold

452 XP
(?) VP
6080 VP


  • Enter the Wyrd Tree. Wyress Gwen tells you that there is one more evil spirit you need to defeat inside of the tree, but the guardians will help you. Inside the tree is the Corruption of the Tree, it can be a tough fight so be prepared. The Guardian of the Water, Guardian of the Air, and the Guardian of the Earth will help you during this fight. When the Corruption of the Tree pulls you in. Be ready for a really powerful attack.
  • Save the Wyrd Tree. One of the Guardians will then start talking, so look for the one that's glowing and try to reach them in time. Otherwise, you will lose a big chunk of your health. When he's not doing the strong attack hit him. He also has a projectile attack similar to the one that the Corruptions used in the previous quest, so just block those.
  • Exit the Wyrd Tree. When you beat him watch the scene and then exit the tree. Talk to Wyress Gwen across the wooden bridge in front of you to complete the quest.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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