The Wrath of Sithis


Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Knightsgrave


Unidentified Sithis' Touch Leg Armor

1 Skill Point

302 Gold

10 Dark Brotherhood Reputation

The Wrath of Sithis is a Dark Brotherhood Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

"The Black Hand has decreed that Lyra the Black Dragon must die for her crimes against the Brotherhood. Green-Venom-Tongue has gone to Knightsgrave to perform the task. Astara has asked me to back him up." 







  • I need to travel to Knightsgrave and follow Green-Venom-Tongue into the ruins to make sure he's able to complete the kill.
    Objective: Enter Knightsgrave
  • I entered the ruins of Knightsgrave. Now I need to find Green-Venom-Tongue.
    Objective: Find Green-Venom-Tongue
    Objective Hint: Examine Statues
  • I should listen to Green-Venom-Tongue and help him figure out how to open the door that leads deeper into the ruins.
    Objective: Open the Sealed Doors
    Objective Hint: Examine Statues
  • The doors leading deeper into the ruins have been opened. I should follow Green-Venom-Tongue and help him hunt down the Black Dragon.
    Objective: Hunt Down the Black Dragon
  • The chamber ahead might contain a clue as to where the Black Dragon is hiding. I should explore it.
    Objective: Explore the Chamber of Enduring Flame
  • Two minotaurs smashed through the wall. I'll need to defeat the minotaurs before I can follow after Green-Venom-Tongue and proceed with the hunt for the Black Dragon.
    Objective: Defeat the Minotaurs
  • Green-Venom-Tongue was able to scale the gate and continue on without me. I'll need to find another path and meet up with him deeper within the ruins. Maybe the path the minotaurs opened is the way to go.
    Objective: Find Green-Venom-Tongue
  • Green-Venom-Tongue reached the Black Dragon before I could get to him. She killed him. That's one more death I owe her for. Now I have to finish this on my own.
    Objective: Find the Black Dragon

The Black Dragon has decided to send her shadow forms against me. I need to defeat them before I can continue my hunt for the Black Dragon.

  • Objective: Defeat the Black Dragon's Shadows
  • I defeated the Black Dragon's shadow forms. Now I can resume my hunt for the Black Dragon.
    Objective: Find the Black Dragon
  • I tracked the Black Dragon to an even more ancient ruin beneath the ruins of Knightsgrave. It appears the Order of the Hour built its original headquarters atop a temple to the Dragon God of Time. Now we can have our final confrontation.
    Objective: Defeat the Black Dragon
  • I defeated the Black Dragon and the Wrath of Sithis has claimed her soul. Now I need to find my way out of these ruins.
    Objective: Exit Knightsgrave
  • I need to return to the Sanctuary and tell Astara what happened with the Black Dragon and Green-Venom-Tongue. She also needs to know that Artorius now knows the location of our Sanctuary.
    Objective: Talk to Astara in the Sanctuary


Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest


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