Buyer Beware




Blade of the Ayleid King
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold

Buyer Beware is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A Khajiiti merchant calling himself Jurak-dar claims to have found a way inside Belarata, a long-sealed Ayleid ruin.



  • Bataba in Vulkwasten;
    Raelys on the road east of Belarata;
    Jurak-dar outside Belarata



  • Talk to Jurak-dar.
  • Convince his customers to leave.
  • Talk to Jurak-dar.
  • Enter Belarata.
  • Talk to Jurak-dar.
  • Collect the parchment scraps and release the barrier.
  • Talk to Varondil and observe the reunion.
  • Alternatively, skip the puzzle by fighting Elanwe.
  • Talk to Jurak-dar.




  • Note

- Examine the 3 parchments before the barrier, click on inventory –> quest items to read them.
- Then click the barrier and pick the following options in sequential order
1. For many years I've lain beneath these stony walls, this weathered heath
2. Ten long years you were astray, with sword in hand so far away
3. So here I wait, I long to see if you'll, at least, return to me

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