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1 skyshard in the southeastern dead end on the far right of the map
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Mechanical Fundament is a series of maintenance tunnels located underneath the Brass Fortress in the Clockwork City. It can be accessed from a number of entrances in the Brass Fortress, including the Slag Town Outlaws Refuge and an external entrance from The Radius. This dungeon contains the Integral of Calculus of Precursor for the Precursor Maker achievement.

Mechanical Fundament Map

The Mechanical Fundament is inside the Brass Fortress, at the northern edge of Clockwork City. It can be accessed by multiple entrances, including the Clockwork City Outlaw’s Refuge and an entrance outside the Brass Fortress in The Radius.

Mechanical Fundament

The Integral of Calculus component for the Precursor is in the northernmost part of the Mechanical Fundament near the Outlaw’s Refuge entrance, and the skyshard is in the southeastern tip on the far right side of the map.


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 None — not a delve 

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