The Heart of a Telvanni


Sadrith Mora, Vassamsi Mine


Tear-Stained Staff of the War Maiden
Telvanni Magister
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold

The Heart of a Telvanni is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Morrowind DLC  chapter .

Quest Information

After a harrowing experience at the hands of Magister Gothren, Sun-in-Shadow finds herself at a crossroads—torn between a mage's ambition and the fruits of companionship. Dedicating herself to one may well destroy her chances at the other.



  • Sun-in-Shadow



  • Talk to Sun-in-Shadow outside Tel Aruhn tower after finishing The Magister Makes a Move.
  • Meet Sun-in-Shadow at her house and speak to her again.
  • Talk to Eoki at the docks.
  • Go to the Gateway Inn to talk to Atarga. She's drunk and leaves the room, so talk to Lagdabash instead.
  • Sun-in-Shadow enters the Inn. Talk to her.
  • Find Bothamul near Tel Aruhn and speak with him.
  • Meet and talk to Eoki outside Vassamsi Mine.
  • Enter the mine.
  • Deal with the guards and help the slaves escape.
  • Defeat Slavemaster Arenim.
  • Talk to Sun-in-Shadow and help her decide what to do about Eoki.
  • Leave the mine, then talk to Sun-in-Shadow once more.




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