The Wind Chaser is one of the three minor Constellations in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) under Fitness, which mainly focuses on defense bonuses. These constellations are all part of the new Champion System that was launched with Flames of Ambition DLC in March 2021. The New Champion system contains three Greater Constellations: Craft, Warfare, and Fitness, each contain dozens of skills that you can use to strengthen your character. 

The skills also changed greatly, they no longer provide linear bonuses. Instead, each skill will have different stages, you need to invest enough points to unlock the bonus of each stage. 

Each greater constellation has 4 slots for certain passive skills, and you can swap passives any time out of combat.

This page contains detailed information and bonuses of Wind Chaser constellation in ESO, to help you better build your characters.


Wind Chaser Champion Points/Constellation Guide ESO



Increases your Movement Speed by 2% per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 5 stages, 50 pts)



 Increases your movement speed when Sprinting by 2% per stage. ( 2 stages, 16 pts)


Refreshing Stride

While Sprinting you gain 100 Health and Magicka Recovery per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 5 stage, 50 pts)


Thrill of the Hunt

Whenever you kill and enemy you gain Major Expedition for 3 seconds per stage, increasing your Movement Speed by 30%. (Add to champion bar to activate. 2 stages, 50 pts)



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