Livewire is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is a Heavy Armor Set that is part of the Clockwork City DLC, and has 4 Bonuses.

Heavy Armor - Apostle

Bind on Equip



(2 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(3 items) Adds 1206 Max Health
(4 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(5 items) When you take damage, you overload your circuits, applying Concussion to enemies within 8 meters of you and healing for 1000 Max Health for each enemy hit. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.




Livewire Set Information


Where to find

  • Dropped by enemies within the DLC zone: Clockwork City
  • Delve bosses have a chance to drop a waist or feet set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Each boss also has a small chance to drop a unique set piece.
  • Overland group bosses have a 100% chance to drop head, chest, legs, or weapon set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Public dungeon bosses have a chance to drop a shoulder, hand, or weapon set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Treasure Chests gained from defeating a Dark Anchor have a 100% chance to drop a ring or amulet set piece form the zone they are located in.
  • Treasure chests found in the world have a chance to grant any set piece that can drop in that zone:
    • Simple chests have a slight chance of dropping an item set piece.
    • Intermediate chests have a good chance of dropping an item set piece
    • Advanced and Master chests have a guaranteed chance of dropping an item set piece.
  • If you have the Treasure Hunter Champion Passive, both the above chances and quality of an item will be improved.
  • Treasure chests found from a Treasure Map have a guaranteed chance to drop one random set piece that can drop in that zone.
  • Major quests have been updated to reward a green or blue-quality set piece.
  • Regular monsters throughout Tamriel have a small chance of dropping any item set piece that can drop in that zone.
  • Pieces can be obtained from Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffer and Slag Town Coffer which are reward containers acquired by completing Daily Quests in the Clockwork City.


Unique Set Pieces

eso-apostle-style-sabatons-clockwork-city-dlcExplorer's Boots

  • Type: Sabatons
  • Dropped by: Brass Fortress, The Radius, Vale of Tiers in Clockwork City
  • Enchantments: 
  • Traits: Infused

eso-apostle-style-gauntlets-clockwork-city-dlcProctor's Bronze Fists

  • Type:
  • Dropped by: 
  • Enchantments: 
  • Traits: 

eso-apostle-style-girdle-clockwork-city-dlcSpare Serpentine Belt

  • Type: 
  • Dropped by: 
  • Enchantments:
  • Traits:

eso-apostle-style-cuirass-clockwork-city-dlcTraitor's Cuirass

  • Type:
  • Dropped by:
  • Enchantments:
  • Traits:


eso-apostle-style-greaves-clockwork-city-dlcWelder's Greaves

  • Type:
  • Dropped by: 
  • Enchantments: 
  • Traits: 








  • This Set puts the Concussed status effect on enemies around you, giving them Minor Vulnerablity. This increases the damage they take by 8%, making this Set good for increasing group DPS.
  • This Set hits in a 360 degree AoE, however, it does not seem to strike in every direction. It seems to hit 8 points, like that of a compass (North, Northwest, West, Southwest, South, Southeast, East and Northeast. Thus targets can be missed.
  • Although not listed, this Set does damage the targets struck for around 300-350 Shock Damage. This damage can be increased by the Elemental Expert Champion Point, as well as Man-at-Arms. This damage can Critically Strike so can also be increased by Elfborn.
  • The heal from this Set is affected by Blessed and the tooltip caps out at 1480 healing if you have a Legendary quality Set, with both Minor Mending and Major Mending. Without either of these buffs, but 100 points into Blessed the tooltip will read 1230 at Legendary.
  • The healing from this proc is displayed as one heal tick, instead of one tick for each target, so you will only see one number each time it procs. This healing can not Critical Hit.






eso-apostle-style-helm-clockwork-city-dlc  eso-apostle-style-cuirass-clockwork-city-dlc eso-apostle-style-greaves-clockwork-city-dlc eso-apostle-style-sabatons-clockwork-city-dlceso-apostle-style-gauntlets-clockwork-city-dlc eso-apostle-style-girdle-clockwork-city-dlc eso-apostle-style-sword-clockwork-city-dlc  eso-apostle-style-greatsword-clockwork-city-dlc eso-apostle-style-bow-clockwork-city-dlc eso-apostle-style-staff-clockwork-city-dlc eso-apostle-style-shield-clockwork-city-dlc


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