Coral Aerie is a 4-player group dungeon located in Summerset in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is part of the Ascending Tide DLC. It features Normal and Veteran Modes. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Coral Aerie Guide including all Coral Aerie Sets, Boss Mechanics, and group role recommendations for Tank, DPS, and Healer.

On an oft overlooked little islet among the Summerset Isles, big trouble is brewing. Help the cagey Captain Kaleen lead a daring rescue of one of her former crew from the dissidents of the Ascendant Order and recover what they stole.

Situated along Summerset’s northern coast, the Coral Aerie’s colorful caverns and archaic Elven ruins shelter a secret Ascendant Order hideout. Well-secluded from prying eyes, this unique location was selected by the mysterious organization for a very specific reason … The Coral Aerie was chosen because of its access to the sky, allowing gryphons free movement … As a result, this allows the local Ascendant Order to use these ruins as a base to launch attacks against their enemies.


Coral Aerie Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

coral aerie dungeons eso wiki guide


Suggested group composition for Coral Aerie

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Healer



Coral Aerie Walkthrough


Secret Final Boss - Z'Baza

You can fight this boss after you defeated Varallion and other 3 secret bosses - Sword Guardian, Shield Guardian and Staff Guardian.


Coral Aerie NPCs

  • Captain Kaleen
  • Jakarn
  • Projection of Z'Baza


Coral Aerie Rewards

  • Head Marking: Abyssal Embrace Face Markings
  • Memento: Guardian's Frozen Shard
  • Bust: Kargaeda
  • Title: Gryphon Handler
  • Memento: Maormer Ocean Pearl
  • Trophy: Kargaeda
  • Gryphon Nest
  • Dye: Drowned Cobalt
  • Title: Aerie Ascender
  • Title: Coral Caretaker



  • Dungeon Gallery



  • Location: Summerset
  • Suggested Level: Max
  • Final Boss: Z'Baza


  • Coral Aerie Challenger
  • Coral Aerie Conqueror
  • Coral Aerie Vanquisher
  • Aerie Glider
  • Around and Around and Around
  • Ascending Tide Delver
  • Ascending Tide Explorer
  • Ascending Tide Scout
  • Coral Compact
  • Crustacean Cracker
  • Globule Gobbler
  • Gryphon Slayer
  • Land, Air, and Sea Supremacy
  • Not the Sharpest Knife
  • Pressure Front
  • Seafaring Sleuth
  • Shellback
  • Splash Fighter Supreme
  • Summerset Preservation Society
  • Superior Pedigree
  • Tentacless Triumph
  • Tentacular Tenderizer
  • Time Served
  • Yaghra Slayer


Coral Aerie Map

coral aerie map 1 eso wiki guide

coral aerie map 2 eso wiki guide

coral aerie map 3 eso wiki guide

coral aerie map 4 eso wiki guide

coral aerie map 5 eso wiki guide



  • Maligalig
  • Sarydil
  • Varallion

Set Drop

Books in the area

  • Ancient Inscription
  • Apply More Pressure by Varallion
  • Confiscated from the Prisoner
  • Gryphon Watching Log
  • The False Revanchism of the Maormer by Hadendril of Skywatch


  • ??


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