House and Home


Malabal Tor,  Velyn Harbor



House and Home is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Redguard invaders attacked Velyn Harbor, while Drublog Wood Orcs entered the town from the hills. With the harbor's defenders either killed or scattered in the attack, only a few Fists of Thalmor continue the defense. (when taken from Corporal Anerel)
Redguard invaders and Wood Orcs from the Drublog clan attacked Velyn Harbor. Lieutenant Ehran plans to create a militia to take back the city. (when taken from Lieutenant Ehran)



  • Lieutenant Ehran, Corporal Anerel



  • Rescue four civilians in Velyn Harbor.
  • Talk to Sergeant Linaarie near the forge.
  • Talk to Lieutenant Ehran east of Velyn Harbor.
  • Blow the signal horn at the gate.
  • Talk to Lieutenant Ehran.




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