A Father's Promise


Malabal Tor, Tanglehaven


Greaves of the Wolf-Father
High Leveled Gold

A Father's Promise is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Drublog Orcs attacked the village of Tanglehaven. Treethane Dailithil said the survivors barely managed to fend them off. After the massacre, the surviving Tanglehaven militia chased the Drublog into the forest—including Firwin, Treethane Dailithil's daughter.



  • Treethane Dailithil



  • Find the Tanglehaven militia.
  • Talk to Firwin.
  • Examine the spring.
  • Talk to Treethane Dailithil.
  • Defeat Thulendor.
  • Talk to Firwin.




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