Mirri Elendis is a Companion in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). In this Mirri Elendis Companion Guide, we answer how to recruit Mirri, discuss Mirri Approval and Rapport, and Mirri quests, skills and unlockables. Mirri Elendis can be recruited as a Companion by completing a quest included with the Blackwood Chapter. 


Mirri Elendis is a crafty Dark Elf with a knack for treasure hunting. Her special perk, Mirri's Expertise, will allow you to find additional loot from treasure chests and treasure map chests


How to Recruit Mirri Elendis

You can recruit Mirri Elendis only if you have the Blackwood Chapter. Travel to Blackwood and head to the northern portion of Doomvault Vulpinaz. You will find a note in the ground that begins the quest Shattered and Scattered.


(Enlarge to see the location of Doomvault Vulpinaz) 


Mirri Elendis Rapport and Approval

Mirri is a shadowy character and she will not mind if you commit crimes in her presence. She will disapprove if you get caught, however, so you should avoid having her around if your activities are likely to get you chased by guards.


  • Antiquity Excavating
  • Reading a book from a bookshelf
  • Looting Psijic Portal
  • Killing Goblins


  • Engaging any friendly NPC in combat and killing them
  • Using Blade of Woe on a friendly NPC
  • Collecting flying insects
  • Harbors

Improving companion Rapport unlocks the following:

  • Completing any of Mirri's side quests will result in a large rapport boost.

  • By completing meta-achievements associated with her, the player can unlock a keepsake collectible for Mirri which provides the benefits of the non-combat perk even while she isn’t active.

 It is currently not possible to romance your companions, but it is something that may be added to ESO in the future.


Mirri Elendis Personal Quest

High Approval will progress Mirri's personal quest:


Mirri Elendis Combat Level, Skills and Roles

Mirri will level up as you gain experience with her. You can select Mirri to be a tank, dps or healer, and assign her skills to her skillbar. You cannot, however control Mirri's skills individually, so you'll have to rely on the AI to use its abilities.

  • Companions only have 1 skill bar so you can only select one weapon and skills for that bar

Companion Skills in Elder Scroll Online (ESO) is a new feature added with the Blackwood Chapter (Release June 2021). You can pick multiple skills for your Companions, make them more powerful and helpful in your adventures. Like your character, companion skills can be categorized as Class Skills, Weapon Skills, Armor Skills, Guild Skills, and Racial Skills. They can slot 5 normal skills and 1 Ultimate skill.

Each companion skill has a cooldown of several seconds. Companions can cast each ability as it comes off cooldown according to the skill order assigned on the companion skill bar. 

Note: this page contains pre-release content and is subject to change.

Companion Skills in ESO

Note: the companion skills have different effects from the regular skills of the same name. 

Class Skills

Weapon Skills

Armor Skills

Guild Skills

Racial Skills


Name & Image Companion Skill Type Description Cooldown
Cost Cast Time

Shadow Slash

Mirri Elendis Deadly Assassin Mirri slashes an enemy, dealing 8683 Magic damage and setting them off balance for 7 seconds. 12s -- 0.3s


Warp Strike

Mirri Elendis Deadly Assassin Flashes through the shadows and ambushes an enemy, dealing 5644 Magic damage. 16.5s -- 0.4s 5-22 m

Slayer's Blade

Mirri Elendis Deadly Assassin

Thrusts a Magic blade with lethal precision to finish off an enemy, deal 26049 Magic damage.

Used when enemy is below 25% Health.

8s -- 0.2s 5m

Impeccable Shot

Mirri Elendis Deadly Assassin

Marks an enemy and exposes their weakness, causing them to take 20% more damage for 3 seconds.

While the enemy is exposed she builds up to a single killing shot, unleashing a massive bolt that deals 26049 physical damage.

3s 170 Ultimate 3s 28m

Life Absorption

Mirri Elendis Soul Thief Steals an enemy's life force, dealing 4341 Magic Damage and healing themselves or an ally around them for 7790Health. 12s -- 0.2s 28m

Blood Transfusion

Mirri Elendis Soul Thief

Infuses an ally with blood, healing them for 11680 Health over 8 seconds.

8s -- 0.4s (8s) 28m

Life Siphon

Mirri Elendis Soul Thief

Siphons the vigor from the blood of enemies around them, dealing 4341 Magic damage and healing themselves and their allies for 3895 Health.

16s -- 0.6s 8m

Ghostly Evasion

Mirri Elendis Living Shade

Surrounds themselves in a phantasmic aura, dodging the next attack made against them while also reducing their damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds.

Used when Mirri Elendis is below 75% Health.

12s -- 0.6s (8s) --

Masque of Torment

Mirri Elendis Living Shade Terrifies nearby enemies, causing them to cower in fear for 4 seconds. 8s -- 0.5s (4s) 6m

Twilight Mantle

Mirri Elendis Living Shade

Mirri Elendis shrouds themselves in refreshing shadows, healing for 25% of their Max Health and becoming invisible for 3 seconds.

Used when Mirri Elendis is below 50% Health.

16s -- 0.3s (3s) 36m

Unleashed Rage

Bastian Hallix Ardent Warrior

Bastian Hallix builds up rage, then unleashes it in a devastating explosion around them.

The explosion deals 8415 Flame Damage to enemies and stuns them for 4 seconds, while also releasing four lines of fire in a cross formation that deal an additional 2103 Flame Damage to any enemy they hit.

-- 170 Ultimate 2s 10m

Fiery Flail

Bastian Hallix Ardent Warrior Companion lashes an enemy with flame, dealing 5610 Flame Damage and setting them Off Balance for 7 seconds. 12s   --  0.5s 5m

Scorching Strike

Bastian Hallix Ardent Warrior Companion slashes an enemy with flame, dealing 5610 Flame Damage and additional 8412 Flame Damage over 8 seconds. 16s -- (0.2s)8s 5m

Crag Smash

Bastian Hallix Ardent Warrior Companion hurls a chunk of molten rock at an enemy, dealing 5610 Physical Damage.  8s --  0.4s  28m


Bastian Hallix Radiating Heart

Companion launches a searing fireball at themselves or an ally to cauterize their wounds, healing for 5100 Health.

Used when Bastian Hallix or an ally is below 75% Health.

8s -- 0.3s

Basalt Barrier

Bastian Hallix Radiating Heart

Companion calls the earth to their defense, granting a damage shield for them and their nearby allies that absorbs 2550 damage for 6 seconds.

While the damage shield holds, healing received is increased by 15%.

12s -- 0.6s

Searing Weapons

Bastian Hallix Radiating Heart Companion charges they and their allies' weapons with volcanic power, increasing their damage done with light and heavy attacks by 15% for 8 seconds. 16s -- 0.2s

Blazing Grasp

Bastian Hallix Draconic Armor Companion launches a fiery chain to grasp and pull an enemy to them. Used when the enemy can be moved and is further than 10 meters away. 8s -- 0.2s 10-22m

Drake's Blood

Bastian Hallix Draconic Armor Companion draws on their draconic blood, healing for 25% of their Max Health and reducing their damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds. 12s -- 0.4s

Crushing Claws

Bastian Hallix Draconic Armor Companion calls forth talons from the ground, dealing 2805 Flame Damage to enemies nearby and immobilizing them for 4 seconds. 16s -- 0.6s 6m
Name & Image Skill Type Description Cooldown
Cast Time

Piercing Arrow

Bow (Companion) plants a masterfully aimed arrow in an enemy's vital spot, dealing 8683 Physical damage. 8s Enemy 1s 35m

Trick Shot


(Companion) fires a burst of arrows in one shot, dealing 4341 Physical damage to enemies in front of them.

Enemies hit are immobilized for 4s. 

16s Cone 0.2s 20m

Viper's Bite

Bow (Companion) shoots an arrow covered in Baandari poison at an enemy, dealing 4341 Poison damage and an additional 13020 Poison Damage over 8 seconds. 12s Enemy 0.1s 28m

Staggering Swing

Two Handed Mirri Elendis slams an enemy with an upward swing and send them flying, dealing 8683 physical damage, stunning them for 2.5 seconds, and knocking them back 4 meters. 16s Enemy 1s 5m


Two Handed Mirri Elendis slices all enemies in front of them with a mighty swing, dealing 4341 Physical damage and an additional 4336 physical damage over 8 seconds. 12s Cone 0.6s 7m


Two Handed

Mirri Elendis spins around and strikes an enemy down, dealing 26049 Physical damage.

Used when the enemy is below 25% Health.

8s Enemy 0.6s 5m


One Hand and Shield

Mirri Elendis thrusts their weapon with disciplined precision at an enemy, dealing 4341 Physical damage and taunting the enemy to attack them for 15 seconds.

Used when the enemy is not already taunted.

12s Enemy 0.3s 5m

Bashing Bulwark

One Hand and Shield Mirri Elendis rushes an enemy and rams them, stunning them for 4 seconds. 16s Enemy Instant 10-22m

On Guard

One Hand and Shield Mirri Elendis bolsters their defenses, granting a damage shield that absorbs up to 25% of their Max Health for 6 seconds. 6s Self 0.6s (6s) --

Swift Assault

Dual Wield Mirri Elendis floods an enemy with steel, battering them with five consecutive attacks that each deal 1736 physical damage. 8s Enemy 0.6s (0.6s) 5m

Spinning Steel

Dual Wield

Mirri Elendis launches themselves in a lethal spin, dealing 4341 Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

Deals triple damage to enemies below 25% Health.

16s Area 0.4s 6m

Razor Cape

Dual Wield

Mirri Elendis envelops themselves in a ring of floating razors, dealing 1736 Physical Damage to nearby enemies every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

The razors also shield them from attacks, reducing their damage taken by 20%.

12s Self 0.2s (8s) --

Destructive Blast

Destruction Staff

Mirri Elendis blasts an enemy with Magic, dealing 8683Magic Damage.

Flame Touch knocks them back 8 meters and stuns them for 2.5 seconds.

Frost Touch taunts them for 15 seconds.

Shock Touch deals an additional 4341 shock damage to all other enemies around them.

16s Enemy 0.5s --

Elemental Barricade

Destruction Staff Mirri ELendis Slams their staff down to create an elemental wall in front of them, dealing 8658 Magic Damage over 8 seconds. 8s Enemy Instant 18m

Arcane Nova

Destruction Staff

Mirri Elendis releases a surge of Magic to enemies around them, dealing 8683 Magic damage.

Fire Nova applies the Burning status effect.

Frost Nova applies the Chill status effect.

Shock Nova applies the Concussion status effect.

12s Enemy Instant 5m


Restoration Staff Mirri Elendis shares their staff's life-giving energy, healing themselves and a nearby ally for 7790 Health over 8 seconds. 12s Area 0.3s (8s) 28m

Mending Incantation

Restoration Staff

Mirri Elendis slams their staff down to active its blessing, healing themselves and allies in front of them for 3895 Health.

The blessing also grants 7000 Spell and Physical Resistance for 8 seconds.

16s Area 0.4s 20x8m

Mystic Fortress

Restoration Staff

Mirri Elendis calls on their staff's strength to protect themselves or the lowest Health ally around them, granting a damage shield that absorbs 22050 damage.

Used when Mirri Elendis or an ally is below 25% Health.

8s Area 0.6s (6s) 28m
Name & Image Skill Type Description Cooldown
Cast Time


Heavy Armor Active

Requires 5 pieces of Heavy Armor equipped.

Mirri Elendis becomes an unstoppable defender, blocking and reflecting all attacks for 5 seconds. 

Used when Mirri Elendis is wearing at least 5 pieces of Heavy Armor, is below 75% Health, and is fighting a difficult monster.

36s Enemy 0.6s 5m


Heavy Armor Passive

Increase healing received by 1% for each piece of Heavy Armor equipped.

Increases the amount of damage blocked by 1% for each piece of Heavy Armor equipped.

 --  -- --  -- 


Light Armor Active

Mirri Elendis focuses their Magical energies inward, resetting the cooldown of all their other abilities.

Requires 5 pieces of Light Armor equipped.

36s Self 0.6s --


Light Armor Passive

Increases healing done by 1% for each piece of Light Armor equipped.

Decreases the cooldown of Break Free by 5% for each piece of Light Armor equipped.

--  --  --   --


Medium Armor Active

Requires 5 pieces of Medium Armor equipped.

Mirri Elendis disappears in a puff of smoke, becoming invisible for 10 seconds and causing most enemies to stop attacking them.

37.1s Area 0.4s 36m


Medium Armor Passive

Increases damage done by 1% for each piece of Medium Armor equipped.

Decreases the cooldown of Roll Dodge by 5% for each piece of Medium Armor equipped.

 -- --  --   --
Name & Image Skill Type Description Cooldown
Cast Time

Sniping Silver

Fighter Guild

Mirri Elendis fires a Dawnguard Vampire Hunter's crossbow bolt at an enemy, dealing 8683 Physical Damage.

Deals double damage if the enemy is an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf.

12s Enemy 0.4s 28m

Ritual of Salvation

Fighter Guild

Mirri Elendis brands the earth underneath them with a rune of protection for 8 seconds. Standing within the rune reduces the damage they and their allies take by 20%.

If the attacker is an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf the rune reduces damage taken by an additional 20%.

16s Area 0.4s (8s) 5m

Biting Trap

Fighter Guild

Mirri Elendis sets a sharpened blade trap in front of them, which takes 1.5 seconds to arm and lasts for 8 seconds.

When an enemy triggers the trap, they are immobilized for 4 seconds. If the enemy is an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf they take 4341 Physical Damage.

8s Self 0.4s (8s) --


Mages Guild Mirri Elendis calls a comet down from the constellations to blast an enemy, dealing 8683 Flame Damage. 8s Enemy 0.6s 28m

Reverse Entropy

Mages Guild Mirri Elendis envelops themselves and an ally with stabilizing Magic, healing for 11680 Health over 8 seconds. 12s Area 0.4s (8s) 28m


Mages Guild Mirri Elendis barters with Oblivion for power, generating 50 Ultimate. 16s Self 0.6s --

Crimson Font


Mirri Elendis conjures a foundation of blood to sustain themselves and allies around it, healing for 457 Health every 1 second for 16 seconds.

Allies near the fountain can activate the Crimson Funnel synergy, healing for 50% of their Max Health.

36s Area 0.6s (16s) 28m

Savage Instinct


Mirri Elendis ignites the fires of hate in an enemy's heart, dealing 4341 Magic Damage and taunting the enemy to attack them for 15 seconds.

An ally targeting the enemy can activate the Savage Implosion synergy, causing the enemy to implode after 2 seconds dealing 4341 Magic Damage to them and other nearby enemies.

Used when the enemy is not already taunted.

36s Enemy Instant 28m

Skeletal Aegis


Mirri Elendis surrounds themselves with a whirlwind of bones, granting a damage shield for 30% of their Max Health for 6 seconds.

While the damage shield holds an ally near them can activate the Bone Aegis synergy, granting them a damage shield for 50% of their Max Health for 6 seconds.

36s Self 0.6s --
Name & Image Skill Type Description Cooldown
Cost Cast Time



Mirri Elendis

Increase damage done by 3% and healing done by 3%.

-- -- -- --


Bastian Hallix

Increases Max Health by 3% and damage done by 3%.

-- -- -- --




Mirri Elendis Equipment

Companions can have Companion Sets that include Weapons, Armor and Accessories. All this equipment has Companion Traits. You can also select cosmetics such as Outfits and Mounts.

Mirri's default mount is the Bay Dun Horse. Her gear includes a set of light armor and a bow.





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