Alliance The Daggerfall Covenant
Recommended Classes Dragonknight or Nightblade

Redguard are a Race in the Elder Scrolls Online. The Redguards are based out of Alik'r in ESO, with a cultural focus on ancestry and devotion to honor and tradition, which makes them disciplined warriors. Players can select a race during character creation, and different races have different bonuses and associations. Players can change their race by purchasing a Crown Store item.


ESOwiki_redguard_crest.png "The Redguards of Hammerfell are talented and athletic warriors, born to battle. A desert people, their ancestors migrated to Tamriel from the lost continent of Yokuda. Their culture is based on preserving ancient traditions and defying their harsh environment. They prize honor and dignity above all else, combining a deep reverence for the divine with a suspicion of all things magical. Their capital is the merchant port of Sentinel, but their roots are deep in the sands of the Alik'r Desert. In their youth, Redguards endure a rite of passage in the desolate wastes of Alik'r as a test of endurance and discipline. Only the strongest survive."


Redguard Styles

Players who want to use Redguard themed styles can look for:

  Abah's Watch Style

Redguard Style

Yokudan Style


Redguard Houses and Furnishings

The following houses have Redguard themed construction:


The following decorations have Redguard themed accents:

Redguard Amphora, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Amphora, Lacquered  ♦  Redguard Amphora, Polished  ♦  Redguard Armchair, Cushioned  ♦  Redguard Armchair, Lattice  ♦  Redguard Armchair, Slatted  ♦  Redguard Armchair, Starry  ♦  Redguard Awning, Desert Flame  ♦  Redguard Awning, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Awning, Wall  ♦  Redguard Awningm Oasis  ♦  Redguard Banner, Post  ♦  Redguard Bar, Long Cabinet  ♦  Redguard Barrel, Corded  ♦  Redguard Basket, Closed  ♦  Redguard Bed, Full  ♦  Redguard Bed, Full Arched  ♦  Redguard Bed, Full Lattice  ♦  Redguard Bed, Wide  ♦  Redguard Bed, Wide Canopy  ♦  Redguard Bed, Wide Grand  ♦  Redguard Bench, Arc  ♦  Redguard Bench, Padded  ♦  Redguard Bench, Slatted  ♦  Redguard Bin, Roped  ♦  Redguard Bin, Sealed  ♦  Redguard Bookcare, Piled  ♦  Redguard Bookcase, Arched  ♦  Redguard Bookcase, Full  ♦  Redguard Bookcase, Piled  ♦  Redguard Bottle, Delicate  ♦  Redguard Bottle, Stained Glass  ♦  Redguard Bowl, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Bowl, Hanging Star  ♦  Redguard Brazier, Enchanted  ♦  Redguard Brazier, Garish  ♦  Redguard Brazier, Hanging Polished  ♦  Redguard Brazier, Robust  ♦  Redguard Cabinet, Bar  ♦  Redguard Cabinet, Inlaid  ♦  Redguard Candelabra, Polished  ♦  Redguard Candelabra, Twisted  ♦  Redguard Candlabra, Practical  ♦  Redguard Candleholder, Polished  ♦  Redguard Candleholder, Practical  ♦  Redguard Candlestick, Polished  ♦  Redguard Candlestick, Practical  ♦  Redguard Cannister, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Canopy, Dawn  ♦  Redguard Canopy, Dusk  ♦  Redguard Canopy, Stars  ♦  Redguard Caravan, Cargo  ♦  Redguard Caravan, Merchant  ♦  Redguard Caravan, Practical  ♦  Redguard Carpet, Dunes  ♦  Redguard Carpet, Mirage  ♦  Redguard Carpet, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Carriage, Merchant  ♦  Redguard Carriage, Practical  ♦  Redguard Carriange, Practical  ♦  Redguard Cart, Practical  ♦  Redguard Cart, Work  ♦  Redguard Cask, Sealed  ♦  Redguard Cauldron, Clawfoot  ♦  Redguard Censer, Hanging Bell  ♦  Redguard Censer, Hanging Bulb  ♦  Redguard Censer, Hanging Horn  ♦  Redguard Chair, Backless  ♦  Redguard Chair, Lattice  ♦  Redguard Chair, Slatted  ♦  Redguard Chair, Starry  ♦  Redguard Chalice, Empty  ♦  Redguard Chalice, Full  ♦  Redguard Chandelier, Polished  ♦  Redguard Chest, Crested  ♦  Redguard Couch, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Couch, Padded  ♦  Redguard Couch, Slatted  ♦  Redguard Counter, Bar  ♦  Redguard Counter, Bar Island  ♦  Redguard Counter, Block  ♦  Redguard Counter, Block Island  ♦  Redguard Counter, Cabinet  ♦  Redguard Counter, Corner  ♦  Redguard Counter, Grill  ♦  Redguard Cup, Empty  ♦  Redguard Cup, Full  ♦  Redguard Cupboard, Lattice  ♦  Redguard Cupboard, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard Curtain, Desert Rose  ♦  Redguard Curtain, Smoky  ♦  Redguard Decanter, Delicate  ♦  Redguard Decanter, Glass  ♦  Redguard Desk, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Desk, Florid  ♦  Redguard Desk, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard Divider, Florid  ♦  Redguard Divider, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Divider, Lattice  ♦  Redguard End Table, Inlaid  ♦  Redguard End Table, Oasis  ♦  Redguard End Table, Tea  ♦  Redguard Fence, Brass Capped  ♦  Redguard Firepirt, Stone  ♦  Redguard Footlocker, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Footlocker, Braced  ♦  Redguard Footstool, Starry  ♦  Redguard Fountain, Mosaic  ♦  Redguard Fountain, Pillar  ♦  Redguard Goblet, Empty  ♦  Redguard Goblet, Full  ♦  Redguard Hourglass of Desert Sands  ♦  Redguard Jar, Baroque  ♦  Redguard Jar, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Kabobs, Plate  ♦  Redguard Kabobs, Wax  ♦  Redguard Keg, Hefty  ♦  Redguard Lamp, Caged  ♦  Redguard Lamp, Oil  ♦  Redguard Lamppost, Stone  ♦  Redguard Lantern, Caged  ♦  Redguard Lantern, Caged Stand  ♦  Redguard Lantern, Cannister  ♦  Redguard Lantern, Delicate  ♦  Redguard Mat, Desert  ♦  Redguard Mat, Desert Sun  ♦  Redguard Mat, Meditation  ♦  Redguard Mat, Mirage  ♦  Redguard Mat, Starburst  ♦  Redguard Mat, Sun  ♦  Redguard Mat, Sunrise  ♦  Redguard Mat, Sunset  ♦  Redguard Mug, Empty  ♦  Redguard Mug, Full  ♦  Redguard Nighstand, Florid  ♦  Redguard Nightstand, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Nightstand, Florid  ♦  Redguard Nightstand, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard on the Run  ♦  Redguard Pillar, Tiered  ♦  Redguard Pillow Roll, Desert Flame  ♦  Redguard Pillow Roll, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Pillow Roll, Sands  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Florid Flames  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Florid Oasis  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Florid Sands  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Florid Sunset  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Florid Sunsets  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Lattice Flames  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Lattice Sands  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Pillow, Sunset  ♦  Redguard Pot, Capped  ♦  Redguard Pot, Ceramic  ♦  Redguard Pot, Hanging Brushed  ♦  Redguard Pot, Hanging Garish  ♦  Redguard Pot, Hanging Mosaic  ♦  Redguard Pot, Lacquered  ♦  Redguard Pot, Mosaic  ♦  Redguard Pot, Sealed  ♦  Redguard Racial Skills  ♦  Redguard Rack, Barrel  ♦  Redguard Round Table  ♦  Redguard Runner, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Runner, Sun  ♦  Redguard Satchel, Heavy  ♦  Redguard Sconce, Polished  ♦  Redguard Shelf, Arched  ♦  Redguard Shelf, Barrel  ♦  Redguard Shelf, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Shelf, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard Slices, Wax  ♦  Redguard Sofa, Desert Flame  ♦  Redguard Spittoon, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Stool, Block  ♦  Redguard Stool, Padded  ♦  Redguard Stool, Starry  ♦  Redguard Stool, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard Streetlamp, Single  ♦  Redguard Streetlamps, Full  ♦  Redguard Streetlamps, Paired  ♦  Redguard Streetlamps, Triple  ♦  Redguard Table, Formal  ♦  Redguard Table, Game  ♦  Redguard Table, Grand Inlaid  ♦  Redguard Table, Grand Oasis  ♦  Redguard Table, Inlaid  ♦  Redguard Table, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Table, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard Tankard, Empty  ♦  Redguard Tankard, Full  ♦  Redguard Tapestry, Lattice  ♦  Redguard Tapestry, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Tapestry, Starry  ♦  Redguard Tent, Rounded Silk  ♦  Redguard Tent, Scaled Flame  ♦  Redguard Tent, Scaled Flames  ♦  Redguard Tent, Squared Silk  ♦  Redguard Tent, Starry  ♦  Redguard Throw Pillow, Desert Flame  ♦  Redguard Throw Pillow, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Throw Pillow, Sands  ♦  Redguard Trellis, Peaked  ♦  Redguard Trunk Bolted  ♦  Redguard Trunk, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Trunk, Garish  ♦  Redguard Trunk, Heavy  ♦  Redguard Tuffet, Flames  ♦  Redguard Tuffet, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Urn, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Urn, Lacquered  ♦  Redguard Urn, Mural  ♦  Redguard Urn, Star  ♦  Redguard Vanity, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Vanity, Florid  ♦  Redguard Vase, Baroque  ♦  Redguard Vase, Lacquered  ♦  Redguard Vessel, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Vessel, Lacquered  ♦  Redguard Vial, Stained Glass  ♦  Redguard Wagon, Merchant  ♦  Redguard Wardrobe, Braced  ♦  Redguard Wardrobe, Inlaid  ♦  Redguard Wardrobe, Sturduy  ♦  Redguard Wardrobe, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard Well, Arched  ♦  Redguard Well, Covered  ♦  Redguard Well, Dome  ♦  Redguard Wine Rack, Bolted  ♦  Redguard Wine Rack, Inlaid  ♦  Redguard Wine Rack, Sturdy  ♦  Redguard, Basket, Closed


Redguard Racial Skills

Redguard Racial Skills in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are gained as the player increases his or her Character Level. Players will continue to gain Racial Passives until they reach level 50, which where they will cap out the Skill Line. Each Race has their own set of Skills that make them unique and better suited for certain roles and Builds. Be sure to study these when planning your character, as they can make the difference between a good player and a great player.

Redguard Racial Passives

Much like the Orcs, Redguards have a substantial focus on the use of Weapons, and have a reduced cost when using them. This combined with Max Stamina and Stamina restoration via attacks, makes them perfect for the Stamina DPS role or even a Tank. Additionally, the snare effectiveness reduction is excellent if you plan to Werewolf, as snares are really their Achilles heel. If you know you’ll be using Weapons and will be Stamina focused, seriously consider taking Redguard as your Race.

Best Builds for Redguards

  • Magicka DPS: Not Good (Destruction Staff)
  • Stamina DPS: Excellent (Two-Handed Weapon, Dual Weapons, Bow)
  • Healer: Not Good (Restoration Staff)
  • Tank: Good (One-Handed and Shield)


Redguard Racial Skills 

Shield Affinity.png


Increases experience gain with One-Handed and Shield Skill line by 15%

Increases the duration of eaten food by 15 minutes


Martial Training

Rank I - Unlocked at Redguard 5
Reduces the cost of weapon abilities by 2%. Reduces the effectiveness of snares applied to you by 5%.
Rank II - Unlocked at Redguard 15
Reduces the cost of weapon abilities by 4%. Reduces the effectiveness of snares applied to you by 10%.
Rank III - Unlocked at Redguard 30
Reduces the cost of weapon abilities by 8%. Reduces the effectiveness of snares applied to you by 15%.




Rank I - Unlocked at Redguard 10
Increases Max Stamina by 600

Rank I - Unlocked at Redguard 20
Increases Max Stamina by 1200

Rank I - Unlocked at Redguard 40
Increases Max Stamina by 2000


Adrenaline Rush

Rank I - Unlocked at Redguard 25
When you deal direct damage, you restore 333 Stamina. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds

Rank II - Unlocked at Redguard 35
When you deal direct damage, you restore 666 Stamina. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds

Rank III - Unlocked at Redguard 50
When you deal direct damage, you restore 1005 Stamina. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds





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    • Anonymous

      I love my Redguard Sword n Board tank! I am specialized, as in I do NOT use different weapons depending on primary or secondary slotting. That way I keep my Sword and Board racial bonuses for tanking at all times and can continue to block and throw in AOE heals, stuns and buffs without dropping my guard.

      • Anonymous

        Redguards have the short end of the stick compared to all other racial passives. They really need to redo their passives to better reflect the TES lore and for better balancing.

        • Not every race needs 2 suggested classes, especially when neither are actually useful to the race in question. Redguards should specialize in two weapon trees and the Fighters’ Guild tree. Class doesn’t really matter too much, but even in that case, Templar has a passive that MASSIVELY improves physical damage.

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