High Elf - Altmer


High Elves or Altmer are a Race in the Elder Scrolls Online. The High Elves are an old and proud race of Tamriel in ESO, and focus on Magic. Players can select a race during character creation, and different races have different bonuses and associations. Players can change their race by purchasing a Crown Store item.

ESOwiki_altmer_crest.png "The High Elves, or Altmer, arrived in Tamriel thousands of years ago from Old Aldmeris. They see themselves, perhaps justifiably, as the ruling race of Tamriel. They are a highly cultured people, known for their breathtaking architecture and massive libraries of histories and creative works. They tend to be isolationists, largely remaining on Summerset Isle, and only emerge when they perceive a great threat to their homeland. They are powerful mages and warriors, and the de facto leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion. "


Altmer (High Elf) Styles

Players who want to use High Elf themed styles can look for:

Aldmeri Style
Ancient Elf Style
High Elf (Altmer) Style
Psijic Style
Sapiarch Style


Altmer Houses and Furnishings

The following houses have High Elf themed construction:


The following decorations have High Elf themed accents:

Alinor Amphora, Delicate  ♦  Alinor Amphora, Embossed  ♦  Alinor Amphora, Portrait  ♦  Alinor Amphora, Slender  ♦  Alinor Ancestor Clock, Celestial  ♦  Alinor Archway, Tall  ♦  Alinor Archway, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Backless Polished  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Backless Verdant  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Noble  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Polished  ♦  Alinor Banner, Hanging  ♦  Alinor Bathing Robes, Decorative  ♦  Alinor Bed, Canopy Full  ♦  Alinor Bed, Noble Full  ♦  Alinor Bed, Noble Single  ♦  Alinor Bed, Polished Single  ♦  Alinor Bench, Marble  ♦  Alinor Bench, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Bookshelf Wall, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Bookshelf, Polished  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Carved Wood  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Millet  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Shallow Limestone  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Stemmed Limestone  ♦  Alinor Bread Basket, Wrought Iron  ♦  Alinor Cabinet, Noble  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Alinor Crescent  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Intricate  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Vibrant  ♦  Alinor Chair, Polished  ♦  Alinor Chalice, Delicate  ♦  Alinor Chalice, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Chalice, Silver Ornate  ♦  Alinor Column, Heavy Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Huge Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Jagged Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Slender Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Tumbled Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Counter, Polished Corner  ♦  Alinor Counter, Polished Drawers  ♦  Alinor Curtains, Drawn  ♦  Alinor Curtains, Tall Drawn  ♦  Alinor Display Stand, Marble  ♦  Alinor Display Stand, Marble Wide  ♦  Alinor Divider, Noble  ♦  Alinor Divider, Polished  ♦  Alinor Drapes, Noble  ♦  Alinor Fence, Tall  ♦  Alinor Fence, Tall Long  ♦  Alinor Fireplace, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Floor, Ballroom Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Four-Way Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Regal  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Goblet, Silver Plain  ♦  Alinor Goblet, Silver Stamped  ♦  Alinor Goblet, Simple  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Noble  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Octagonal  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Peaked  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Polished  ♦  Alinor Lantern, Hanging  ♦  Alinor Lantern, Stationary  ♦  Alinor Meal, Complete Setting  ♦  Alinor Meal, Individual  ♦  Alinor Monument, Marble  ♦  Alinor Nightstand, Noble  ♦  Alinor Nightstand, Octagonal  ♦  Alinor Nightstand, Scalloped  ♦  Alinor Pedestal, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Pergola, Blue Wisteria Peaked  ♦  Alinor Pergola, Purple Wisteria  ♦  Alinor Pergola, Purple Wisteria Overhang  ♦  Alinor Pew, Polished  ♦  Alinor Pie Dish, Cherry Pie  ♦  Alinor Plate, Embossed  ♦  Alinor Platter, Scalloped  ♦  Alinor Plinth, Sarcophagus  ♦  Alinor Post, Stone Wall  ♦  Alinor Post, Tall Fence  ♦  Alinor Pot, Hanging Stamped  ♦  Alinor Pot, Limestone  ♦  Alinor Pot, Patterned  ♦  Alinor Rug, Alinor Seal  ♦  Alinor Runner, Royal  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Open  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Peaked  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Wedge  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Arched  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Arched Glass  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Crenellated  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Lantern  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Wrought Glass  ♦  Alinor Shrine, Limestone  ♦  Alinor Shrine, Limestone Raised  ♦  Alinor Stairway, Timeworn Wide  ♦  Alinor Stairway, Timeworn.  ♦  Alinor Statue, Kinlady  ♦  Alinor Statue, Kinlord  ♦  Alinor Statue, Orator  ♦  Alinor Streetlight, Paired Wrought Iron  ♦  Alinor Streetlight, Wrought Iron  ♦  Alinor Table Runner, Cloth of Silver  ♦  Alinor Table Runner, Coiled  ♦  Alinor Table Runner, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Table Setting, Complete  ♦  Alinor Table, Decorative Marble  ♦  Alinor Table, Noble Grand  ♦  Alinor Table, Noble Intimate  ♦  Alinor Table, Round Marble  ♦  Alinor Tapestry, Alinor Dawn  ♦  Alinor Tapestry, Alinor Dusk  ♦  Alinor Tapestry, Royal Gryphons  ♦  Alinor Tomb, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Engraved  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Noble  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Peaked  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Spired  ♦  Alinor Urn, Bronze  ♦  Alinor Urn, Gilded  ♦  Alinor Urn, Limestone Large  ♦  Alinor Urn, Stemmed  ♦  Alinor Wall Mirror, Noble  ♦  Alinor Wall Mirror, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Wall Mirror, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Wall Shrine, Marble  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone Corner  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone Long  ♦  Alinor Wardrobe, Polished  ♦  Alinor Wine Press, Display  ♦  Alinor Winerack, Polished  ♦  Ancient High Elf Statue  ♦  High Elf Armoire, Winged  ♦  High Elf Banner, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Bar, Overhanging  ♦  High Elf Basin, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Basin, Standing  ♦  High Elf Basin, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bed, Bunk  ♦  High Elf Bed, Single  ♦  High Elf Bed, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Bed, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bed, Winged Double  ♦  High Elf Bench, Covered  ♦  High Elf Bench, Curved  ♦  High Elf Bookcase, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Bookcase, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Engraved  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bottle, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bowl, Serving  ♦  High Elf Brazier, Winged  ♦  High Elf Cabinet, Corner  ♦  High Elf Candelabra, Winged  ♦  High Elf Candle, Winged  ♦  High Elf Candleholder, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Carafe, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Eagle  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Rustic  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Tree-Themed  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Water-Themed  ♦  High Elf Cart, Covered  ♦  High Elf Chair, Regal Verdant  ♦  High Elf Chair, Regal Winged  ♦  High Elf Chair, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Chair, Winged  ♦  High Elf Chandelier, Winged  ♦  High Elf Chest of Drawers  ♦  High Elf Counter, Block  ♦  High Elf Counter, Long Cabinet  ♦  High Elf Crest, Winged  ♦  High Elf Cup, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Decanter, Glass  ♦  High Elf Desk, Regal Winged  ♦  High Elf Desk, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Desk, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Divider, Carved  ♦  High Elf Divider, Delicate  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Corner  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Winged  ♦  High Elf End Table, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf End Table, Verdant  ♦  High Elf End Table, Winged  ♦  High Elf Flask, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Flute, Wine  ♦  High Elf Goblet, Glass  ♦  High Elf Goblet, Silver Ornate  ♦  High Elf Goblet, Winged  ♦  High Elf Lamp, Oil  ♦  High Elf Lamppost, Spiked  ♦  High Elf Lamppost, Stone  ♦  High Elf Medal, Winged  ♦  High Elf Medallion, Winged  ♦  High Elf Plate, Dinner  ♦  High Elf Platter, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Platter, Winged  ♦  High Elf Pot, Hanging  ♦  High Elf Sconce, Winged  ♦  High Elf Shelf, Long  ♦  High Elf Shelf, Short  ♦  High Elf Stool, Covered  ♦  High Elf Stool, Curved  ♦  High Elf Streetlight, Stone  ♦  High Elf Table, Sturdy Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Sturdy Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Table, Tea  ♦  High Elf Table, Verdant Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Verdant Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Table, Winged Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Winged Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Eagle  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Rustic  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Tree-Themed  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Water-Themed  ♦  High Elf Throne  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Winged  ♦  High Elf Trunk, Jeweled  ♦  High Elf Trunk, Winged  ♦  High Elf Vase, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Vase, Winged  ♦  High Elf Wagon, Covered  ♦  High Elf Wagon, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Wine Rack, Folding  ♦  High Elf, Goblet, Glass  ♦  Painting of High Elf Tower, Refined


Altmer (High Elf) Racial Skills

Altmer (High Elf) Racial Skills in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are gained as the player increases his or her Character Level. Players will continue to gain Racial Passives until they reach level 50, which where they will cap out the Skill Line. Each Race has their own set of Skills that make them unique and better suited for certain roles and Builds. Be sure to study these when planning your character, as they can make the difference between a good player and a great player.

High Elf Racial Passives

Just looking at their Racial Passives, you can see that High Elves are more tuned towards the Magicka side of things, rather than Stamina. This means it is ideal to use them as either Magicka DPS or Healers, because they both take advantage of the Spell Damage and Max Magicka increase. These types of Builds use Staffs and are akin to “Mages” in other games, so if you wish to make a mage-like character, High Elf is a good choice.

Additionally, they have an intriguing Passive in Spell Charge, which grants them 645 Stamina if they have higher Max Magicka and 645 Magicka if they have higher Max Stamina, every 6 seconds if they use a Class Ability. This is both good for PvP and for Tanking.

In PvP, players will often CC you, forcing you to Break Free or die. Since this uses Stamina, and Magicka Builds usually have much lower Stamina pools, you will need all the Stamina you can get. And when Tanking, you will have more Stamina than Magicka, which allows you to gain Magicka every 6 seconds. You can use this Magicka for Damage Shields or other Skills that boost your surviveability, making it a valuable Passive.

Best Builds for High Elves

  • Magicka DPS: Excellent (Destruction Staff)
  • Stamina DPS: Not Good (Two-Handed Weapon, Dual Weapons, Bow)
  • Healer: Good (Restoration Staff)
  • Tank: Passable (One-Handed and Shield)

Altmer (High Elf) Racial Skills 



Increases experience gain with the Destruction Staff Skill line by 15%.

Increases your experience gained by 1%.


Spell Recharge

Rank I - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 5

Reduces damage taken by 1% while you are using an ability with a cast or channel time.
Restores 200 Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is lowest, after activating a Class Ability. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.

Rank II - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 15

Reduces damage taken by 2% while you are using an ability with a cast or channel time.
Restores 400 Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is lowest, after activating a Class Ability. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.

Rank III - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 30

Reduces damage taken by 5% while you are using an ability with a cast or channel time.
Restores 625 Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is lowest, after activating a Class Ability. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.


Gift of Magnus.pngSyrabane's Boon

Rank I - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 10
Increases Max Magicka by 600

Rank II - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 20
Increases Max Magicka by 1200

Rank III - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 40
Increases Max Magicka by 2000


Magicka Mastery.png
Elemental Talent

Rank I - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 25
Increases your Spell Damage by 86

Rank II - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 35
Increases your Spell Damage by 172

Rank III - Unlocked at Altmer (High Elf) 50
Increases your Spell Damage by 258





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