Clothing Patterns are unique plans for " href="/Furniture+Crafting">furniture that can be crafted at any Clothing station. The primary ingredients are Bast and Clean Pelts. Bast can be harvested from silk nodes. Clean Pelts can be looted from enemies that typically drop leather, such as crocodile, alit, and mudcrab. 

Clothing Patterns







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    • Anonymous

      Ok noob question probably but I can't find any info on bast, as in where to find it, can't find anything online for it either, sorry if it's a dumb question but I'm actually stuck with this

      • Anonymous

        Ugh!!! Clothing is what we put on our bodies!!! This is upholstery!!! I would like to do real clothing/tailoring!!! You know stuff like Belted Tunic, Mourner's robes, Mage robes, College Robes, etc. (Obviously I've only played Skyrim so far.) Is there any way to get that info back to Bethesda?

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