Doomchar Plateau is a Player Housing in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), added with Waking Flame DLC.


Doomchar Plateau


Doomchar Plateau




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Forged in the fires of the Deadlands, this lava-ringed plateau features a stunning view of Daedric landmarks and a solid foundation on which to build your very own Daedric dwelling. Live dangerously within the realm controlled by Prince Mehrunes Dagon!


How to obtain Doomchar Plateau

  • Event tickets (5 fragments morph)



House Information

  • Doomchar Plateau is a large player house located in Malabal Tor. While the house itself is situated in the Deadlands, the entrance itself is a portal located in a cave south of Dra'Bul Wayshrine.

    This house will be acquired by purchasing the Scorching Pillar, Searing Column, Molten Key, Profane Pedestal, and Unholy Tablet from The Impresario and combining it when you have the Unstable Morpholith pet to turn it into the Doomchar Plateau.

    Much like the Coldharbour Surreal Estate, Doomchar Plateau is more of a plot of land with which to build on rather than a house itself. There are two islands linked by a bridge and surrounded by lava. The western island is where the portal back to Tamriel is located with embedded platforms in the ground while the eastern island has a dormant portal structure and foliage dotted around. The vista of the Deadlands has Ash Titans and Watchers flying around, Havocrel patrolling distant battlements, and a Harvester will loop around the islands, intimidating the large Havocrel at the northern tip when she passes.


House Furnitures

  • ??



  • ??



  • ??



Doomchar Plateau Screenshots


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