Nords Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece.

Where to get Nord Motif

Chapters are found in Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In all zones)


Heavy Armor


nord_helm_iron_hvy.png nord_pauldrons_iron_hvy.png nord_cuirass_iron_hvy.png nord_girdle_iron_hvy.png nord_gauntlets_iron_hvy.png nord_greaves_iron_hvy.png nord_sabatons_iron_hvy.png


nord_helm_steel_hvy nord_pauldrons_steel_hvy nord_cuirass_steel_hvy nord_girdle_steel_hvy nord_gauntlets_steel_hvy nord_greaves_steel_hvy nord_sabatons_steel_hvy


nord_helm_orichalc_hvy.png nord_pauldrons_orichalc_hvy.png nord_cuirass_orichalc_hvy.png nord_Girdle_orichalc.png nord_Gauntlets_orichalc.png nord_Greaves_orichalc.png nord_Sabatons_orichalc.png


nord_helm_dwarven_steel_hvy.png nord_pauldrons_dwarven_steel_hvy.png nord_cuirass_dwarven_steel_hvy nord_girdle_dwarven_steel_hvy nord_gauntlets_dwarven_steel_hvy nord_greaves_dwarven_steel_hvy nord_sabatons_dwarven_steel_hvy


Medium Armor


nord_helmet_rawhide_md.png nord_arm_cops_rawhide_md.png nord_jack_rawhide_md.png nord_Belt Rawhide.png nord_bracers_rawhide_md.png nord_Guards Rawhide.png nord_boots_rawhide_md


nord_helmet_hide_md nord_arm_cops_hide_md.png nord_jack_hide_md.png nord_Belt hide_md.png nord_bracers_hide_md.png nord_guards_hide_md nord_Boots hide_md.png


nord_helmet_leather_md.png nord_arm_cops_leather_md.png nord_jack_leather_md.png nord_Belt Leather.png nord_bracers_Leather.png nord_guards_leather_md nord_boots_leather_md

Thick Leather

nord_helmet_full_leather_md.png nord_arm_cops_full_leather_md.png nord_jack_full_leather_md.png nord_belt_full_leather_md nord_bracers_full_leather_md.png nord_guards_full_leather_md nord_boots_full_leather_md


Light Armor


nord_hat_homespun_light.png nord_epaulets_homespun_light.png nord_robe_homespun_light.png nord_jerkin_homespun_light.png nord_sash_homespun_light.png nord_gloves_homespun_light.png nord_breeches_homespun_light.png nord_shoes_homespun_light.png


nord_hat_linen_light.png nord_epaulets_linen_light.png nord_robe_linen_light.png nord_jerkin_linen_light.png nord_sash_linen_light.png nord_gloves_linen_light.png nord_breeches_linen_light.png nord_shoes_linen_light.png


nord_hat_cotton_light.png nord_epaulets_cotton_light.png nord_robe_cotton_light.png nord_jerkin_cotton_light.png nord_sash_cotton_light.png nord_gloves_cotton_light.png nord_breeches_cotton_light.png nord_shoes_cotton_light.png


nord_hat_spidersilk_light.png nord_epaulets_spidersilk_.png nord_robe_spidersilk_.png nord_jerkin_spidersilk_.png nord_sash_spidersilk_.png nord_gloves_spidersilk_.png nord_breeches_spidersilk_.png nord_shoes_spidersilk_.png


Weapons and Shield


nord_sword_iron_small nord_axe_iron_small nord_mace_iron_small nord_dagger_iron_small nord_greatsword_iron_small nord_battle_axe_iron_small nord_maul_iron.png nord_shield_maple.png nord_bow_maple.png nord_staff_maple.png


nord_sword_steel.png nord_axe_steel.png nord_mace_steel.png nord_dagger_steel.png nord_greatsword_steel.png nord_battle_axe_steel.png nord_maul_steel.png nord_shield_oak.png nord_bow_oak.png nord_staff_oak.png


nord_sword_orichalc.png nord_axe_orichalc_small nord_mace_orichalc.png nord_dagger_orichalc.png nord_greatsword_orichalc.png nord_battle_axe_orichalc.png nord_maul_orichalc.png nord_shield_beech_small nord_bow_beech_small nord_staff_beech_small


nord_sword_dwarven_steel.png nord_axe_dwarven_steel.png nord_mace_dwarven_steel.png nord_dagger_dwarven_steel.png nord_greatsword_dwarven_steel.png nord_battle_axe_dwarven_steel.png nord_maul_dwarven_steel.png nord_shield_hickory.png nord_bow_hickory.png nord_staff_hickory.png

Stolen Weapons (Ebony)

Ebony_Axe_Nord Ebony_Mace_Nord Ebony_Sword_Nord Ebony_Dagger_Nord Ebony_Battle_Axe_Nord Ebony_Maul_Nord Ebony_Greatsword_Nord Ebony_Yew_Staff_Nord Ebony_Steel_Shield_Nord



Nords Style Gallery




The Nords Motif Books


(Dr. Lupus was Imperial Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorak from 2E 418 to 431)

We come now to the Nords, the first human culture on Tamriel to successfully resist, and even displace,Elven hegemony on the continent.

Not unlike the Bosmer, the Nords rely heavily on stylized, often interlocking natural motifs in their architecture, crafts, and clothing. However, where the Wood Elves' designs are mainly floral the Nords emphasize animals, in particular the eight "totem" animals of the old Atmoran religion: wolf, hawk,whale, snake, moth, fox, and so forth. They also allow for much more variation of design, to the point where some of the animal motifs are so abstract they are difficult to recognize. Indeed, areas of trim are often filled with interlocking geometric designs that evoke nothing natural at all.

Nord design varies in other ways from that of the Elves as well, in general relying on simple, heavy yet dynamic forms where Elven work would be slender, elegant, and understated. Nothing the Nords make is understated, ever.

The was clear even from outside the Imperial City's Skyrim Embassy, where Morian, Divayth and I had gone to a reception for King Logrolf. The lintel above the embassy doors was crowned with a great iron hawk's-head, its mouth open as if screaming defiance, while the doors were flanked by bas-reliefs of hawks so stylized they looked as much like axes as they did birds. The door itself was dark oak, banded with iron and studded with iron rivets, as if they expected to have to repel an attack.

The inside of the embassy was less martial in appearance, at least once one got past the armed and armored guards inside the door. I wondered if they really needed to wear full helms sporting ram's-horns in order to check the invitations of party guests, but the look in the Nords' eyes didn't exactly invite questions.

The party, as I said, was a reception for King Logrolf, visiting the Imperial City to pay his respects to the Potentate. Morian was there representing the Arcane University; he'd asked me to accompany him and I'd accepted, eager to see our fierce northern cousins in their own environment. When Divayth learned where we were going he'd attached himself to our party, in spite of Morian's baleful glare, but once we were inside the embassy and he was surrounded by loud, boisterous Nords, the Dark Elf wizard seemed to be regretting his decision to join us.

Not so Morian! After he'd downed a flagon of mead, I was suddenly seeing a new Professor Zenas. Attired in his new robe, he positively bloomed, holding forth on the history of magic to an admiring crowd of diplomats, whom he enthralled with tales of the feats of wizardry of the Nord Arch-MageShalidor. He seemed twenty years younger, and I suddenly saw him as he must have been in his prime, when he first came to the Imperial City to help found the Arcane University.

Morian even introduced me to King Logrolf, though how he came to know the monarch of Skyrim I have no idea. When I looked around for Divayth, he was nowhere to be seen. Morian and I stayed late at the embassy, quaffing mead and laughing at the Nords' hearty jokes. When we finally left and he walked me home, I thought I could see a new gleam in Morian's eye.

He may have seen the same gleam in mine.



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