Crafting Motifs 58: Fang Lair

Gem Needed dragon_bone_material
Dragon Bone
Level required to learn MetalworkingTailoring or Woodworking level ??
Sets in this Style Caluurion's Legacy Set
Trappings of Invigoration Set
Ulfnor's Favor Set

Fang Lair Style is a craftable armor and weapon motif style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece.


Where to find Fang Lair Motifs

Chapters or rarely the entire book can be looted by killing Thurvokun in Fang Lair.



Heavy Armor

fang_lair_helm_hvy.png fang_lair_pauldrons_hvy.png fang_lair_cuirass_hvy.png fang_lair_girdle_hvy.png fang_lair_gauntlets_hvy.png fang_lair_greaves_hvy.png fang_lair_sabatons_hvy.png


Medium Armor

fang_lair_helmet_md.png fang_lair_arm_cops_md.png fang_lair_jack_md.png fang_lair_Belt Rawhide.png fang_lair_bracers_md.png fang_lair_Guards Rawhide.png fang_lair_boots_rawhide_md


Light Armor

fang_lair_hat_light.png fang_lair_epaulets_light.png fang_lair_robe_light.png fang_lair_jerkin_light.png fang_lair_sash_light.png fang_lair_gloves_light.png fang_lair_breeches_light.png fang_lair_shoes_light.png


Weapons and Shield

fang_lair_sword_iron_small fang_lair_axe_iron_small fang_lair_mace_iron_small fang_lair_dagger_iron_small fang_lair_greatsword_iron_small fang_lair_battle_axe_iron_small fang_lair_maul.png fang_lair_shield.png fang_lair_bow.png fang_lair_staff.png


Fang Lair Style Gallery




Fang Lair Motif Books



Information will be posted as soon they become available. 


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