Bosmer Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online.This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece. It was made craftable by the Orsinium DLC.

Where to get Bosmer Motif

Chapters are found in Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In all zones)


Heavy Armor


wood_elf_helm_iron_hvy.png wood_elf_pauldrons_iron_hvy.png wood_elf_cuirass_iron_hvy.png wood_elf_girdle_iron_hvy.png wood_elf_gauntlets_iron_hvy.png wood_elf_greaves_iron_hvy.png wood_elf_sabatons_iron_hvy.png


wood_elf_helm_steel_hvy wood_elf_pauldrons_steel_hvy wood_elf_cuirass_steel_hvy wood_elf_girdle_steel_hvy wood_elf_gauntlets_steel_hvy wood_elf_greaves_steel_hvy wood_elf_sabatons_steel_hvy


wood_elf_helm_orichalc_hvy.png wood_elf_pauldrons_orichalc_hvy.png wood_elf_cuirass_orichalc_hvy.png wood_elf_Girdle_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_Gauntlets_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_Greaves_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_Sabatons_orichalc_new.png


wood_elf_helm_dwarven_steel_hvy.png wood_elf_pauldrons_dwarven_steel_hvy.png wood_elf_cuirass_dwarven_steel_hvy wood_elf_girdle_dwarven_steel_hvy wood_elf_gauntlets_dwarven_steel_hvy wood_elf_greaves_dwarven_steel_hvy wood_elf_sabatons_dwarven_steel_hvy


Medium Armor


wood_elf_helmet_rawhide_md.png wood_elf_arm_cops_rawhide_md.png wood_elf_jack_rawhide_md.png wood_elf_Belt Rawhide.png wood_elf_bracers_rawhide_md.png wood_elf_Guards Rawhide.png wood_elf_boots_rawhide_md


wood_elf_helmet_hide_md wood_elf_arm_cops_hide_md.png wood_elf_jack_hide_md.png wood_elf_Belt hide_md.png wood_elf_bracers_hide_md.png wood_elf_guards_hide_md wood_elf_Boots hide_md.png


wood_elf_helmet_leather_md.png wood_elf_arm_cops_leather_md.png wood_elf_jack_leather_md.png wood_elf_Belt Leather.png wood_elf_bracers_Leather.png wood_elf_guards_leather_md wood_elf_boots_leather_md

Thick Leather

wood_elf_helmet_full_leather_md.png wood_elf_arm_cops_full_leather_md.png wood_elf_jack_full_leather_md.png wood_elf_belt_full_leather_md wood_elf_bracers_full_leather_md.png wood_elf_guards_full_leather_md wood_elf_boots_full_leather_md


Light Armor


wood_elf_hat_homespun_light.png wood_elf_epaulets_homespun_light.png wood_elf_robe_homespun_light.png wood_elf_jerkin_homespun_light.png wood_elf_sash_homespun_light.png wood_elf_gloves_homespun_light.png wood_elf_breeches_homespun_light.png wood_elf_shoes_homespun_light.png


wood_elf_hat_linen_light.png wood_elf_epaulets_linen_light.png wood_elf_robe_linen_light.png wood_elf_jerkin_linen_light.png wood_elf_sash_linen_light.png wood_elf_gloves_linen_light.png wood_elf_breeches_linen_light.png wood_elf_shoes_linen_light.png


wood_elf_hat_cotton_light.png wood_elf_epaulets_cotton_light.png wood_elf_robe_cotton_light.png wood_elf_jerkin_cotton_light.png wood_elf_sash_cotton_light.png wood_elf_gloves_cotton_light.png wood_elf_breeches_cotton_light.png wood_elf_shoes_cotton_light.png


wood_elf_hat_spidersilk_light.png wood_elf_epaulets_spidersilk_.png wood_elf_robe_spidersilk_.png wood_elf_jerkin_spidersilk_.png wood_elf_sash_spidersilk_.png wood_elf_gloves_spidersilk_.png wood_elf_breeches_spidersilk_.png wood_elf_shoes_spidersilk_.png


Weapons and Shield

Iron and Maple

wood_elf_sword_iron_new wood_elf_axe_iron_new wood_elf_mace_iron_new wood_elf_dagger_iron_new wood_elf_greatsword_iron_new wood_elf_battle_axe_iron_new wood_elf_maul_iron_new.png wood_elf_shield_maple_new.png wood_elf_bow_maple_new.png wood_elf_staff_maple_new.png

Steel & Oak

wood_elf_sword_steel_new.png wood_elf_axe_steel_new.png wood_elf_mace_steel_new.png wood_elf_dagger_steel_new.png wood_elf_greatsword_steel_new.png wood_elf_battle_axe_steel_new.png wood_elf_maul_steel_new.png wood_elf_shield_oak_new.png wood_elf_bow_oak_new.png wood_elf_staff_oak_new.png

Orichalcum & Beech

wood_elf_sword_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_axe_orichalc_small wood_elf_mace_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_dagger_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_greatsword_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_battle_axe_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_maul_orichalc_new.png wood_elf_shield_beech_small wood_elf_bow_beech_small wood_elf_staff_beech_small

Dwarven and Hickory

wood_elf_sword_dwarven_steel_new.png wood_elf_axe_dwarven_steel_new.png wood_elf_mace_dwarven_steel_new.png wood_elf_dagger_dwarven_steel_new.png wood_elf_greatsword_dwarven_steel_new.png wood_elf_battle_axe_dwarven_steel_new.png wood_elf_maul_dwarven_steel_new.png wood_elf_shield_hickory_new.png wood_elf_bow_hickory_new.png wood_elf_staff_hickory_new.png

Stolen Weapons (Ebony)

wood_elf_sword_ebony wood_elf_axe_ebony wood_elf_mace_ebony wood_elf_dagger_ebony wood_elf_greatsword_ebony wood_elf_battle_axe_ebony wood_elf_maul_ebony wood_elf_shield_yew wood_elf_bow_yew wood_elf_staff_yew


Bosmer Style Gallery




The Wood Elves Motif Books


(Dr. Lupus was Imperial Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorak from 2E 418 to 431)

Next we complete our study of the Elves with the Bosmer of Valenwood. Though less influential in the world at large than their cousins the High Elves and the Dark Elves, the Wood Elves outnumber all other Mer in Tamriel, being relatively fecund (for Elves) and more, shall we say, amorously-inclined.

It's a commonplace to point out that the Wood Elves favor natural motifs, but as I learned, there's more to it than that. Their reverence for Y'ffre and the story of the Earth Bones is reflected in the stylized fashion in which these natural motifs are represented. The Bosmer believe that all nature was in chaos before Y'ffre gave all plants, animals, and people their names, which defined the permanent form each species would take. Thus each species is depicted by a particular, idealized motif which represents the ur-form it was given by Y'ffre.

This is reflected in the designs that appear everywhere on Wood Elven arts, crafts, and clothing. These designs are drawn from a large repertoire, as there is a design for each species of plant and animal in the Bosmer's world, but the use and depiction of these designs is culturally prescribed, and there is very little room for variation. Unorthodox usage of these stylized pictograms is considered improper, just plain "wrong."

This may seem paradoxical in a race whose members otherwise seem so carefree and easygoing, but it is so, as I had an opportunity to see for myself. There are quite a few Wood Elves in the Imperial City, enough that there is a small Bosmeri neighborhood down on the waterfront, served by a tavern called the Tipsy Torchbug. Divayth Fyr, the fascinating Dark Elf wizard assisting Morian Zenas in his experiments, had offered to take me there, and I agreed.

When I arrived at Morian's house on the date of our jaunt to the docks the old professor himself answered the door, and I was surprised when he asked me to step into his study for a moment. Also surprising was the way Morian was turned out: in a new silk robe sporting star-sign symbols, hair trimmed and combed, and smelling faintly of lavender. Quite a transformation from the disreputable, singed and stained robes I'd seen him in previously.

It turned out he wanted to caution me about going down to the waterfront with Divayth Fyr. I'm afraid I laughed, at which he reddened, and I then told him I was a grown woman who could take care of herself. He was somewhat abashed and muttered some excuses, from which I gathered that he was more concerned about my spending time with Divayth than going to the docks. I didn't want his feelings hurt, so I complimented his new robe, at which he beamed, and then I went to the parlor to meet Divayth.

I shouldn't ramble on, but we had a wonderful evening. The Tipsy Torchbug was a lively place, and Divayth introduced me to Lady Biniele, the proprietor, who insisted that we share our table. The entertainment was Biniele's Bosmeri Burlesque, which was hilarious, and though I couldn't drink any of the Wood Elves' revolting beverages, I did consent to share a pipeful of bugsmoke with Divayth, which made me feel strangely exhilarated.

It also led to my seeing a prime example of Bosmeri disdain for "improper design" when a Leyawiin sailor, who'd seen me sharing Divayth's pipe, offered to sell me a carved-bone pipe of "genuine Valenwood make." Lady Biniele told me it was a counterfeit and not to waste my money. The sailor protested, but the diminutive Wood Elf woman told him any fool could see the tail was wrong on the Imga carved on the bowl, and he should shove off. Which he did.

Divayth and I shoved off shortly thereafter, and on our way back up to the city gates he pointed to the stars in the brilliant night sky and told me the ancient Chimeri names for the constellations. I must confess, I remember nothing but the warm tones of his resonant voice—and the warm touch of his hand on my arm.



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