Silken Ring Style is an armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece


Crafting Motifs 44: Silken Ring

Gem Needed distilled-slowsilver-eso-style-crafting Distilled Slowsilver

Level required to learn Metalworking, Tailoring or Woodworking level ??
Sets in this Style Gossamer Set
Hand of Mephala Set
Widowmaker Set

Where to get Silken Ring Motif

Chapters can be looted by killing the last Boss of VeteranVelidreth from the Cradle of Shadows.


Heavy Armor

Helm_Kothringi Pauldrons_Kothringi Cuirass_Kothringi Greaves_Kothringi Sabatons_Kothringi Gauntlets_Kothringi Girdle_Kothringi


Medium Armor

Helmet_Kothringi Arm_Cops_Kothringi Jack_Kothringi Guards_Kothringi Boots_Kothringi Bracers_Kothringi Belt_Kothringi


Light Armor

Hat_Kothringi Epaulets_Kothringi Robe_Kothringi Jerkin_KothringiBreeches_Kothringi Shoes_Kothringi Gloves_Kothringi Sash_Kothringi


Weapons and Shield

Axe_Kothringi Mace_Kothringi Sword_Kothringi Dagger_Kothringi Battleaxe_Kothringi Maul_Kothringi Greatsword_Kothringi Bow_Kothringi Staff_Kothringi Shield_Kothringi


Silken Ring Style Gallery




Silken Ring Motif Books

First of all, a warning: do not be so careless as to allow these instructions to fall into the wrong hands! If the authorities in Stormhold knew I was hiring out-of-work smiths to create arms and armor for the Silken Ring, my head would soon be adorning a pike on the Big Bridge!

Second of all: follow these instructions to the letter. You don't want a secret society of assassins irritated at you because you made them squeaky boots. Pay attention, hatchling, and we'll all profit.


If you expected to stamp out a few hundred daggers for some easy gold, disabuse yourself of that notion right now. The Silken Ring collects killers of all kinds, and they are particular about their methods. Hand axes are to have a single shallow crescent extending well above the haft. The blade is to come to a sturdy point to facilitate stabbing as well as slashing. Two-handed variations require second blade of this design and may be employed as a man-catcher . [sic]


The Silken Ring Prefer [sic] their belts to be woven from leather or silk to allow for greater flexibility and fastened by a sturdy silver buckle. The large buckle must include a hidden compartment and unfasten quickly using only one hand.


Flexibility and grip are of utmost importance, so stick to cloth or supple leather. Hardened leather may be used for shin guards and capped with silver plate. Soles must be tough leather, ridged for traction. Alit hide would be ideal.


A simple wooden recurve bow is preferred by these assassins. Draw strength and accuracy are to be prioritized over durability as the bow may well be abandoned after a single use.

Chest Pieces

The signature identifying feature of a Silken Ring uniform, aside from their creepy masks, is a wide band of silver (not silk, don't ask me) that encircles the collar. This may be layered or permanently affixed, but should prominently feature the curved "tangled web" embossing that the Silken Ring prefers for embellishment.


More a short sword, the Silken Ring's blades will need to be on the thick side to compensate for the softer silver coating the blade. Mount them with a full tang into a thick rounded hilt. The daggers will need to be twisted free with ease and you'd better hope the blade comes out along with the hilt.


More so than the boots, the gloves must accommodate dexterity even at the cost of protection. Fine leathers only. Bracers may incorporate hardened leathers and silver plate, but be mindful of added weight and keep them separate pieces. Affix with braided leather or cloth.


The hallmark of the Silken Ring are their silver masks. They resemble a human head with no mouth, narrow squinting eyes, and symmetrical crescent horns rising high off the skull. The incorporation of hair into the design of the head is strongly encouraged. DO NOT USE ANIMAL HAIR.

Leg Greaves

The Silken Ring favors knee length skirts over constricting legwear. Thick leather may be used, but the cut must not impede range of motion. Banded leather tassets may be hung from the belt or cuirass, but mobility is an assassin's best defense, apparently.


As you might expect, an assassin's wants for a mace involve puncturing heavy armor more than messy bashing. Keep the striking point narrow with minimal protrusions. More a hammer with a thick dagger for a head than anything else I could compare it to. The two-hander is more a conventional post maul with upward sloped spikes on the business ends.


Perhaps the most challenging pieces will be the shields. They need to be lightweight, but sturdy and full sized. Don't bring me any bucklers. I recommend a layered, cross-grain core of light wood, backed in silver with a thicker face. The embossing should look good winding through the frame's layers.


While the Silken Ring prefer to keep their arms bare, they do not forgo shoulder pads. Thick silvered plate may be employed either by itself, or affixed to leather. Add one or two secondary metal bands as protruding elements for ornamentation.


As you might have guessed, harnessing the Destruction school is of greatest interest to the Silken Ring. The staff heads will be spear-like but blunt, and sprouting curls of silver similar to the embossing found throughout their designs. Why it isn't a literal spearhead, I don't know, but I'm not the mage here.


Much like the daggers, Silken Ring swords are thick single-edged blades meant for hacking. Long serrated curves along the blade are more visually intimidating than functional, but they'll split a neck cleanly all the same.



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