Imperial Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece.

Motif.pngRacial Motifs 10: Imperial Style

Gem Needed Nickel
Level required to learn Metalworking, Tailoring or Woodworking level 1
Sets in this Style None


Where to get Imperial Motif

Chapters are found in Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In all zones)

Heavy Armor


imperial_helm_iron_hvy.png imperial_pauldrons_iron_hvy.png imperial_cuirass_iron_hvy.png imperial_girdle_iron_hvy.png imperial_gauntlets_iron_hvy.png imperial_greaves_iron_hvy.png imperial_sabatons_iron_hvy.png


imperial_helm_steel_hvy imperial_pauldrons_steel_hvy imperial_cuirass_steel_hvy imperial_girdle_steel_hvy imperial_gauntlets_steel_hvy imperial_greaves_steel_hvy imperial_sabatons_steel_hvy


imperial_helm_orichalc_hvy.png imperial_pauldrons_orichalc_hvy.png imperial_cuirass_orichalc_hvy.png imperial_Girdle_orichalc_new.png imperial_Gauntlets_orichalc_new.png imperial_Greaves_orichalc_new.png imperial_Sabatons_orichalc_new.png


imperial_helm_dwarven_steel_hvy.png imperial_pauldrons_dwarven_steel_hvy.png imperial_cuirass_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_girdle_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_gauntlets_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_greaves_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_sabatons_dwarven_steel_hvy


Medium Armor


imperial_helmet_rawhide_md.png imperial_arm_cops_rawhide_md.png imperial_jack_rawhide_md.png imperial_Belt Rawhide.png imperial_bracers_rawhide_md.png imperial_Guards Rawhide.png imperial_boots_rawhide_md


imperial_helmet_hide_md imperial_arm_cops_hide_md.png imperial_jack_hide_md.png imperial_Belt hide_md.png imperial_bracers_hide_md.png imperial_guards_hide_md imperial_Boots hide_md.png


imperial_helmet_leather_md.png imperial_arm_cops_leather_md.png imperial_jack_leather_md.png imperial_Belt Leather.png imperial_bracers_Leather.png imperial_guards_leather_md imperial_boots_leather_md

Thick Leather

imperial_helmet_full_leather_md.png imperial_arm_cops_full_leather_md.png imperial_jack_full_leather_md.png imperial_belt_full_leather_md imperial_bracers_full_leather_md.png imperial_guards_full_leather_md imperial_boots_full_leather_md


Light Armor


imperial_hat_homespun_light.png imperial_epaulets_homespun_light.png imperial_robe_homespun_light.png imperial_jerkin_homespun_light.png imperial_sash_homespun_light.png imperial_gloves_homespun_light.png imperial_breeches_homespun_light.png imperial_shoes_homespun_light.png


imperial_hat_linen_light_2imperial_epaulets_linen_light.png  imperial_robe_linen_light.png imperial_jerkin_linen_light.png imperial_sash_linen_light.png imperial_gloves_linen_light.png imperial_breeches_linen_light.png imperial_shoes_linen_light.png


imperial_hat_cotton_light.png imperial_epaulets_cotton_light.png imperial_robe_cotton_light.png imperial_jerkin_cotton_light.png imperial_sash_cotton_light.png imperial_gloves_cotton_light.png imperial_breeches_cotton_light.png imperial_shoes_cotton_light.png


imperial_hat_spidersilk_light.png imperial_epaulets_spidersilk_.png imperial_robe_spidersilk_.png imperial_jerkin_spidersilk_.png imperial_sash_spidersilk_.png imperial_gloves_spidersilk_.png imperial_breeches_spidersilk_.png imperial_shoes_spidersilk_.png


Weapons and Shield


imperial_sword_iron_small imperial_axe_iron_small imperial_mace_iron_small imperial_dagger_iron_small imperial_greatsword_iron_small imperial_battle_axe_iron_small imperial_maul_iron_new.png imperial_shield_maple_new.png imperial_bow_maple_new.png imperial_staff_maple_new.png


imperial_sword_steel_new.png imperial_axe_steel_new.png imperial_mace_steel_new.png imperial_dagger_steel_new.png imperial_greatsword_steel_new.png imperial_battle_axe_steel_new.png imperial_maul_steel_new.png imperial_shield_oak_new.png imperial_bow_oak_new.png imperial_staff_oak_new.png


imperial_sword_orichalc_new.png imperial_axe_orichalc_small imperial_mace_orichalc_new.png imperial_dagger_orichalc_new.png imperial_greatsword_orichalc_new.png imperial_battle_axe_orichalc_new.png imperial_maul_orichalc_new.png imperial_shield_beech_small imperial_bow_beech_small imperial_staff_beech_small


imperial_sword_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_axe_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_mace_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_dagger_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_greatsword_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_battle_axe_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_maul_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_shield_hickory_new.png imperial_bow_hickory_new.png imperial_staff_hickory_new.png

Stolen Weapons (Ebony)

imperial_sword_ebony imperial_axe_ebony imperial_mace_ebony imperial_dagger_ebony imperial_greatsword_ebony imperial_battle_axe_ebony imperial_maul_ebony imperial_shield_yew imperial_bow_yew imperial_staff_yew


Imperial Style Gallery




Imperial Motif Books

(Dr. Lupus was Imperial Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorak from 2E 418 to 431)

The Imperial City. I used to love it here. When I was young my native town of Skingrad seemed hopelessly provincial to me, and I looked forward all year long to going along with mother on her annual trip to the Heartland. For me, the capital was the epitome of learning, of culture, of everything I held dear.

I walk the avenues now, from district to district. And I look. Skingrad seemed provincial, yes, but it wasColovian: direct, forthright, with clean lines and a certain spare, ascetic look to it. And its people are much the same way.

The Imperial City, except for the walls and the Tower, which are Ayleid, is … Nibenese. Refined. Decorative. Subtle. Nuanced.

Decadent. Corrupt.

Like its people. And the people it attracts.

I was too late.

Morian is gone. With the help of Divayth, cursed Divayth, he fulfilled his dream and traveled toOblivion. According to Seif-ij, he went to Moonshadow as planned, but he didn't stay there. He went on, to Ashpit, to Coldharbour, to Quagmire. To Apocrypha.

And there, in Apocrypha, he stayed.

Seif-ij told me, emotion quivering even in his flat reptilian voice, of how once he entered Oblivion Morian seemed to become more reckless, more enraptured, with each portal to a new plane. How he ignored his assistant's pleas to return. How Apocrypha … entranced him.

Seif-ij Hidja was beside himself, holding his head with its drooping spines, clearly at his wit's-end. It was up to me. I ran to Divayth's room, though Seif-ij said he was gone, hoping he'd left some way to get in touch with him, hoping he would respond to my appeals for help. I found only a book, open on his desk, a book titled "Fragmentae Abyssum Hermaeus Morus." It was open to what seemed to be a summoning ritual for the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, specifying that "whatever price is named shall be met."

A ritual to Hermaeus Mora. The Lord of Apocrypha.

I ran to Morian's laboratory. It was looted, ransacked. The only thing of interest was a crumpled note. It read, "When thou enterest into Oblivion, Oblivion entereth into thee."

Morian is gone. Gone to Apocrypha. Where he stays.

And so I walk, from district to district. Wondering. What price had the Lord of Apocrypha named to Divayth Fyr? What price for the entrancement, the captivity of Morian Zenas?

I walk the streets, the avenues and alleys. Wondering.

Wondering when I, too, will be ready to pay the price.



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