Imperial Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece.

Motif.pngRacial Motifs 10: Imperial Style

Gem Needed Nickel
Level required to learn Metalworking, Tailoring or Woodworking level ??
Sets in this Style None


Where to get Imperial Motif

Chapters are found in Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In all zones)

Heavy Armor


imperial_helm_iron_hvy.png imperial_pauldrons_iron_hvy.png imperial_cuirass_iron_hvy.png imperial_girdle_iron_hvy.png imperial_gauntlets_iron_hvy.png imperial_greaves_iron_hvy.png imperial_sabatons_iron_hvy.png


imperial_helm_steel_hvy imperial_pauldrons_steel_hvy imperial_cuirass_steel_hvy imperial_girdle_steel_hvy imperial_gauntlets_steel_hvy imperial_greaves_steel_hvy imperial_sabatons_steel_hvy


imperial_helm_orichalc_hvy.png imperial_pauldrons_orichalc_hvy.png imperial_cuirass_orichalc_hvy.png imperial_Girdle_orichalc_new.png imperial_Gauntlets_orichalc_new.png imperial_Greaves_orichalc_new.png imperial_Sabatons_orichalc_new.png


imperial_helm_dwarven_steel_hvy.png imperial_pauldrons_dwarven_steel_hvy.png imperial_cuirass_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_girdle_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_gauntlets_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_greaves_dwarven_steel_hvy imperial_sabatons_dwarven_steel_hvy


Medium Armor


imperial_helmet_rawhide_md.png imperial_arm_cops_rawhide_md.png imperial_jack_rawhide_md.png imperial_Belt Rawhide.png imperial_bracers_rawhide_md.png imperial_Guards Rawhide.png imperial_boots_rawhide_md


imperial_helmet_hide_md imperial_arm_cops_hide_md.png imperial_jack_hide_md.png imperial_Belt hide_md.png imperial_bracers_hide_md.png imperial_guards_hide_md imperial_Boots hide_md.png


imperial_helmet_leather_md.png imperial_arm_cops_leather_md.png imperial_jack_leather_md.png imperial_Belt Leather.png imperial_bracers_Leather.png imperial_guards_leather_md imperial_boots_leather_md

Thick Leather

imperial_helmet_full_leather_md.png imperial_arm_cops_full_leather_md.png imperial_jack_full_leather_md.png imperial_belt_full_leather_md imperial_bracers_full_leather_md.png imperial_guards_full_leather_md imperial_boots_full_leather_md


Light Armor


imperial_hat_homespun_light.png imperial_epaulets_homespun_light.png imperial_robe_homespun_light.png imperial_jerkin_homespun_light.png imperial_sash_homespun_light.png imperial_gloves_homespun_light.png imperial_breeches_homespun_light.png imperial_shoes_homespun_light.png


imperial_hat_linen_light_2imperial_epaulets_linen_light.png  imperial_robe_linen_light.png imperial_jerkin_linen_light.png imperial_sash_linen_light.png imperial_gloves_linen_light.png imperial_breeches_linen_light.png imperial_shoes_linen_light.png


imperial_hat_cotton_light.png imperial_epaulets_cotton_light.png imperial_robe_cotton_light.png imperial_jerkin_cotton_light.png imperial_sash_cotton_light.png imperial_gloves_cotton_light.png imperial_breeches_cotton_light.png imperial_shoes_cotton_light.png


imperial_hat_spidersilk_light.png imperial_epaulets_spidersilk_.png imperial_robe_spidersilk_.png imperial_jerkin_spidersilk_.png imperial_sash_spidersilk_.png imperial_gloves_spidersilk_.png imperial_breeches_spidersilk_.png imperial_shoes_spidersilk_.png


Weapons and Shield


imperial_sword_iron_small imperial_axe_iron_small imperial_mace_iron_small imperial_dagger_iron_small imperial_greatsword_iron_small imperial_battle_axe_iron_small imperial_maul_iron_new.png imperial_shield_maple_new.png imperial_bow_maple_new.png imperial_staff_maple_new.png


imperial_sword_steel_new.png imperial_axe_steel_new.png imperial_mace_steel_new.png imperial_dagger_steel_new.png imperial_greatsword_steel_new.png imperial_battle_axe_steel_new.png imperial_maul_steel_new.png imperial_shield_oak_new.png imperial_bow_oak_new.png imperial_staff_oak_new.png


imperial_sword_orichalc_new.png imperial_axe_orichalc_small imperial_mace_orichalc_new.png imperial_dagger_orichalc_new.png imperial_greatsword_orichalc_new.png imperial_battle_axe_orichalc_new.png imperial_maul_orichalc_new.png imperial_shield_beech_small imperial_bow_beech_small imperial_staff_beech_small


imperial_sword_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_axe_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_mace_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_dagger_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_greatsword_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_battle_axe_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_maul_dwarven_steel_new.png imperial_shield_hickory_new.png imperial_bow_hickory_new.png imperial_staff_hickory_new.png

Stolen Weapons (Ebony)

imperial_sword_ebony imperial_axe_ebony imperial_mace_ebony imperial_dagger_ebony imperial_greatsword_ebony imperial_battle_axe_ebony imperial_maul_ebony imperial_shield_yew imperial_bow_yew imperial_staff_yew


Imperial Style Gallery




Imperial Motif Books

(Dr. Lupus was Imperial Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorak from 2E 418 to 431)

The Imperial City. I used to love it here. When I was young my native town of Skingrad seemed hopelessly provincial to me, and I looked forward all year long to going along with mother on her annual trip to the Heartland. For me, the capital was the epitome of learning, of culture, of everything I held dear.

I walk the avenues now, from district to district. And I look. Skingrad seemed provincial, yes, but it wasColovian: direct, forthright, with clean lines and a certain spare, ascetic look to it. And its people are much the same way.

The Imperial City, except for the walls and the Tower, which are Ayleid, is … Nibenese. Refined. Decorative. Subtle. Nuanced.

Decadent. Corrupt.

Like its people. And the people it attracts.

I was too late.

Morian is gone. With the help of Divayth, cursed Divayth, he fulfilled his dream and traveled toOblivion. According to Seif-ij, he went to Moonshadow as planned, but he didn't stay there. He went on, to Ashpit, to Coldharbour, to Quagmire. To Apocrypha.

And there, in Apocrypha, he stayed.

Seif-ij told me, emotion quivering even in his flat reptilian voice, of how once he entered Oblivion Morian seemed to become more reckless, more enraptured, with each portal to a new plane. How he ignored his assistant's pleas to return. How Apocrypha … entranced him.

Seif-ij Hidja was beside himself, holding his head with its drooping spines, clearly at his wit's-end. It was up to me. I ran to Divayth's room, though Seif-ij said he was gone, hoping he'd left some way to get in touch with him, hoping he would respond to my appeals for help. I found only a book, open on his desk, a book titled "Fragmentae Abyssum Hermaeus Morus." It was open to what seemed to be a summoning ritual for the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, specifying that "whatever price is named shall be met."

A ritual to Hermaeus Mora. The Lord of Apocrypha.

I ran to Morian's laboratory. It was looted, ransacked. The only thing of interest was a crumpled note. It read, "When thou enterest into Oblivion, Oblivion entereth into thee."

Morian is gone. Gone to Apocrypha. Where he stays.

And so I walk, from district to district. Wondering. What price had the Lord of Apocrypha named to Divayth Fyr? What price for the entrancement, the captivity of Morian Zenas?

I walk the streets, the avenues and alleys. Wondering.

Wondering when I, too, will be ready to pay the price.



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