Worm Cult Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece.

Motif.pngCrafting Motifs 60: Worm Cult

Gem Needed desecrated_grave_soil_material Desecrated Grave Soil
Level required to learn MetalworkingTailoring or Woodworking level ??
Sets in this Style Robes of the Withered Hand Set


Where to get Worm Cult Motif

Chapters or the completed book can be found in 4th anniversary event boxes.


Heavy Armor

worm_cult_helm_hvy.png worm_cult_pauldrons_hvy.png worm_cult_cuirass_hvy.png worm_cult_girdle_hvy.png worm_cult_gauntlets_hvy.png worm_cult_greaves_hvy.png worm_cult_sabatons_hvy.png


Medium Armor

worm_cult_helmet_md.png worm_cult_arm_cops_md.png worm_cult_jack_md.png worm_cult_belt_md worm_cult_bracers_md worm_cult_guards_md worm_cult_boots_md


Light Armor

 worm_cult_hat_lightworm_cult_epaulets_light.png worm_cult_robe_light.png worm_cult_jerkin_light.png worm_cult_sash_light.png worm_cult_gloves_light worm_cult_breeches_light.png worm_cult_shoes_light.png


Weapons and Shield

worm_cult_sword worm_cult_axe worm_cult_mace worm_cult_dagger worm_cult_greatsword worm_cult_battle_axe worm_cult_maul.png worm_cult_shield.png worm_cult_bow.png worm_cult_staff.png 


Worm Cult Style Gallery




Worm Cult Motif Books

In death is life, reanimation
A sacred and a dark vocation
Our Order's garb all shall recall
Their final sight before they fall


Worm axe blade's like a severed ear
Restored to life as metal hacker
A mighty arm that all must fear
Glint of steel and gleam of lacquer


Echoes of Coldharbour see
In cinctures, sashes, belts
On each hip are tassets three
With hooks for scalps or pelts


Each sabaton is lapping, plated
Like those of Bal's dark legions
Our troops corpses reanimated
Returned from deathly regions


From bones defleshed we craft our bows
They loose with bony rattle
The skeletal dart Worm archer throws
Slays men like so much cattle


Worm armor's plates are tributes all
To our Lord of the Undead
The skin and form of Molag Bal
To steel and iron wed


Like jagged fangs, our daggers curve
Serrated edge and point
Grim armaments, they also serve
To sever and disjoint


Our gauntlets guard forearms and hands
Enabling fists to grip
With fingers clad in bony bands
Ensuring hafts don't slip


Like metal skull of Daedric beast
Worm helm enwraps your head
Overlapping, layered, creased
March leading our undead


Chausses echo chest design
Coldharbour inspiration
Daedric chevron, curving line
Of Lord of Domination


When slaying foes to animate
The mace has many charms
We want a corpse in wholesome state
With all its legs and arms


On Worm Cult shield the horns of Bal
Adorn o'erlapping plates
For undeath is the fate of all
Who pass Coldharbour's gates


Pauldrons sharp as fangéd skulls
Adorn Worm Cultists' shoulders
Mortals rise as Black Worm thralls
Or in their graves shall molder


With spellstaff horned like Bal himself
Dark mages focus magic
Thus mortals—human, beast, or Elf
All meet their endings tragic


Swords serrated, pointed, edged
To twist in mortals' entrails
March forth, Worm Cultist fully-fledged
Cause adversaries' wails



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