Hollowjack Style is a craftable Armor and Weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Motif is only farmable during The Witches Festival event.

Motif.pngCrafting Motifs 42: Hollowjack

Gem Needed Amber Marble
Level required to learn Metalworking, Tailoring or Woodworking level 1
Sets in this Style None


Where to get Hollowjack Motif

Found in Plunder Skulls that can drop from ANY bosses during The Witches Festival


Heavy Armor



Medium Armor



Light Armor



Weapons and Shield



Hollowjack Style Gallery




Hollowjack Motif Books

Conjure, conjure, jill [sic] and jack [sic]
Harvest arms and armor tack
Pumpkin drear and black hawthorn
Wrought into grim garments worn


Cur-ved blade and wicked point
Victim disembowel and joint
Chop and amputate and hack
Happy work for Hollowjack


Cincture hold our raiment tight
Sure and secure to prowl the night
Straps to hold our weapons near
Ready all for time of fear


Soles of rind and pointed toes
Shall surprise unwary foes
Hollowjack shall ever tread
On the corpses of the dead


Thorn-tree wood, bend and release
Thor-ned arrow, mark decease
Flet-ched dart, twist and fly
Taking target through the eye


Cuirass of enduring rind
Guarding torso fore and hind
Turn all weapons, point and edge
Like impenetrable hedge


Bodkin blade dig inward deep
Tween yon ribs and organs creep
Like vine of orange jack-all fruit
A pumpkin knife of ill repute


Thor-ned night-black gauntlets planned
To cover Hollowjacky hand
But flexible so hands can strangle
Throttle, eye-gouge, tear, and mangle


Grinning Hollowjack must laugh
Dismember, threshing, wheat from chaff
Now inner anger embers show
As lambent eye-slits ever glow


Rind and bark are intersected
Lower limbs shall be protected
Weapons swung and darts projected
Shall be tur-ned or deflected


Pointed hammer made to puncture
Mail and armor at their juncture
Hollowjack fair grins with glee
Murd'ring on a killing spree


Hawthorn bark and twisted limb
Ward with visage gaunt and grim
Despite what weapon foe will wield
None shall penetrate this shield


Summon pauldrons, shoulder plate
Deadly damage shall abate
Rind be tough and vine be long
Hollowjack be armor strong


Summon segments, mirthful medley
Hollowjack staff long and deadly
Casting spells good and malign
Pumpkin daemon knows the sign


Sword to cut, a blade to sever
Crafting a condign endeavor
Point to pommel, edge to back
Scimitar for Hollowjack



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