Plunder Skull

Location Dropped by Delve Bosses during The Witches Festival

Plunder Skulls are items obtained during The Witches Festival event in Elder Scrolls Online, running in late October as a Holiday Event every year.


How to obtain Plunder Skulls

  • 2017: It seems quest completion is no longer necessary to obtain skulls.
  • Previously: Go to the Crown Store and obtain the free whistle available during the event period.
  • Use the whistle and complete the quest The Witchmother's Bargain.
  • Use the quest reward "A Witchmother's Whistle Memento", and a buff will be applied to your character
  • Defeat ANY Bosses (World, Delve, Dungeon, Trial, Dark Anchor, etc) to obtain skulls.
  • Skulls have a 3 minute cooldown so you CANNOT get more than one every 3 minutes. World Bosses and Delve Bosses have 7 minute cooldowns on loot, so you will NOT get more than one every 7 minutes if you only farm World Bosses or only farm Delve Bosses. You must alternate between various types if you wish to maximize your farming. If you farm in Group Dungeons, be sure to wait 5 mins between boss kills to maximize your runs.


Plunder Skulls Rewards


Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

plunder_skull_enthusiast Plunder Skull Enthusiast

Earn your first Plunder Skull.
5 -- --

plunder_skull_aficionado-eso Plunder Skull Afficionado

Earn 50 Plunder Skulls.
10 -- --

plunder_skull_fanatic-eso Plunder Skull Fanatic

Earn 100 Plunder Skulls.
15 -- --

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