Telvanni Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece.

Motif.pngCrafting Motifs 50: Telvanni

Gem Needed wrought_ferrofungus_material Wrought Ferrofungus
pliant_ferrofungus_material Pliant Ferrofungus
Level required to learn MetalworkingTailoring or Woodworking level ??
Sets in this Style None


Where to get Telvanni Motif

Chapters or the completed book can be found in SafeboxesThieves Troves or pickpocketed from the residents of  Vvardenfell.


Heavy Armor

telvanni_helm_hvy.png telvanni_pauldrons_hvy.png telvanni_cuirass_hvy.png telvanni_girdle_hvy.png telvanni_gauntlets_hvy.png telvanni_greaves_hvy.png telvanni_sabatons_hvy.png


Medium Armor

telvanni_helmet_md.png telvanni_arm_cops_md.png telvanni_jack_md.png telvanni_belt_md telvanni_bracers_md.png telvanni_guards_md telvanni_boots_md


Light Armor

 telvanni_hat_lighttelvanni_epaulets_light.png telvanni_robe_light.png telvanni_jerkin_light.png telvanni_sash_light.png telvanni_gloves_light.png telvanni_breeches_light.png telvanni_shoes_light.png


Weapons and Shield

telvanni_sword telvanni_axe telvanni_mace telvanni_dagger telvanni_greatsword telvanni_battle_axe telvanni_maul.png telvanni_shield.png telvanni_bow.png telvanni_staff.png 


Telvanni Style Gallery




Telvanni Motif Books


Trade makes the world go 'round, and in trade, reputation is everything, so maintaining House Telvanni's reputation for reliability it is critical to our continued pre-eminence in mercantile affairs. The arms and armor of our House guards and marines must adhere to strict standards in quality and appearance, exemplifying that dependability expected from us by our trading partners. Where possible, we adorn our items with the stylized merchant-scale sigil that symbolizes the source of our power.


The Telvanni axe has a single heavy curved blade, backed on the opposite side of the haft by a narrow spike for grabbing opponents or punching through their armor. For parrying purposes, most of the haft is sheathed in a cylinder of metal, and there is a heavy, pointed ferrule at the base.


Our belts are made of double-tanned guar hide, strong and thick, to support tassets, weapons, and of course money pouches. The buckle in front may display a Telvanni House symbol or a personal family crest


Our boots are rather heavy, and though narrow below, they widen as they rise up the shins toward the knee. Toes are steel-shod except in the lightest armors, shin plating extends around the back of the leg to protect against hamstringing


Telvanni House bows are made of imported ash or yew wood, which is superior for this purpose to our native funguswoods. Quivers are of guar leather, adorned with our House symbol, the long double-scales version.


Telvanni cuirasses are constructed of overlapping plates of traditional worked bonemold, or of metal plates cast to resemble bonemold. The House scales-symbol is prominently displayed on the chest and abdomen.


Our daggers are primarily parrying weapons, double-edged, broad and straight, with that distinctive curve-hooked tip design they share with Telvanni swords. The wide crossguards resemble the wings of cliff striders, but are edged and pointed for backhand attacks.


Telvanni gauntlets are of flexible leather over the fingers and hands, with the forearms and back of the hands protected by flaring plates of bonemold (or metal cast to resemble it). The leather at the fingertips must be supple enough not to impair the rapid counting of coins.


Our House helms (and in light armor, hoods) cover the entire head, with a full face visor for protection against the environmental dangers no matter where our trading takes us. They are of bonemold, or metal crafted to resemble it, bulbous in shape and elongated toward the back of the skull to protect the traditional cranial coin stash.


Telvanni cuisses and jambes are constructed of flaring bonemold (or bonemoldesque) plates, protecting the legs at front, sides, and rear. Knee poleyns may display the House scale symbol or personal family crest.


The Telvanni mace is tipped with a trio of curved flanges, heavy for crushing and edged for slashing. As with the axes, mace hafts are sheathed in metal for most of their length to enable parrying, and footed with heavy, pointed ferrules.


The large, kite-shaped Telvanni shield was traditionally crafted of bonemold, but these days is just as often made of metal plated over funguswood. Our bold House scales-symbol is prominently displayed on the front.


Telvanni pauldrons are constructed of overlapping triangular bonemold or bonemoldesque plates, flaring at the top to help protect the side of the neck. Their designs may be abstract, or inscribed with House symbols.


A Telvanni mage's spell staff sports a finial in the shape of our Hose double-scales symbol, proudly displaying the wielder's affiliation with the world-famous Morrowind mercantile masters. The foot is sheathed in metal, with a heavy ferrule, and can serve as defensive weaponry at need.


The Telvanni swords are long and straight, like our reputation for fair dealing, and double-edged, like our contracts. They sport the distinctive curve-hooked tip design they share with Telvanni daggers. The quillions resemble broad wings that protect the hands of the wielders.



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      STAVES A Telvanni mage's spell staff sports a finial in the shape of --our Hose double-scales symbol, proudly displaying the wielder's affiliation with the world-famous Morrowind mercantile masters.-- The foot is sheathed in metal, with a heavy ferrule, and can serve as defensive weaponry at need. No, F'lah. That is Hlaalu. Not Telvanni :) Plenty of other descriptions here which are.. very much Hlaalu aswell..

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        What is with all the talk of trade and merchant stuff? Telvanni have never been traders, they are mages.Very isolated mages as well, not ones to go out in the world and trade with other people and races... Did the devs even play Morrowind?

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