Vicious Death is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is a Light Armor Set that is part of One Tamriel, and has 4 Bonuses.

Light Armor - Abah's Watch

Bind on Equip

Vicious Death


(2 items) Adds 129 Spell Damage
(3 Items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
(4 Items) Adds 833 Spell Critical
(5 items) When you kill a player they violently explode for 19452 Flame Damage to all other enemies in a 4 meter radius.




Vicious Death Set Information

  • Type of Set: Light Armor
  • Jewelry Trait: Arcane
  • Required Content: None
  • Recommend For:  PVP magika DPS
  • Value: ???
  • Difficulty to Acquire: ???


Where to find

  • Rewards of the Worthy in PvP
  • Rewards for conclusion of PvP campaign.



  • Values listed are at Legendary Champion 160
  • This Set has a Weapon of each type.
  • This Set is bind-on-equip




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    • Anonymous

      05 Nov 2019 04:00  

      How do I obtain the Vicious Death Set. I'm mainly looking to obtain the purple and yellow jewelry and light armor set.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jul 2019 11:17  

        This set was attend to provide relieve when trying to play a small group with ur mates. But yellow are like high school girls, flock everywhere in a massive heard.

        • Anonymous

          17 Feb 2018 18:52  

          This used to be such a fun set, now its nerfed to hell and completely worthless garbage! Seriously 4 meter range ISN'T EVEN MELEE RANGE! Melee range is at least 5 freaking meters, god the crying noobs who ruined this fun set that COULD be countered are such children and need to be shot. Thank you. :D

          • Anonymous

            Zenimax hope you all die28 Jun 2016 02:53  

            Nightblade without this ***** set is thé most broken spec june 2016. They only use 3 button to chain kill many players. With this set it even makes it easier . How in hell i been rank 10 wkrldwide in evolve, top 0,01% sniper in bf4 and in wow i ***** all day on top PvP players, but in eso i get one shots by kids who only play nightades all day? Even if i outsmart them, all they do is spam roll untill they can refear and one shot me while im feared without any stam. Do something Zenimax . Youre à bunch of *****ty cum swaallower i hope some talibands run à bombing squad in your studios you alldeserve it.

            • Anonymous

              Vicious set power05 Jun 2016 16:18  

              this set isn't overpowered. It's a set that simply works very well with nb. The set itself is not what provides the power. There r sets similar in power. Best way to counteract this set is with a similar power set. Try d skoria set. It'll help I have no problem with nbs they r annoying sometimes lol but formidable. And if they keep nerfing things in this game we'll b left with only nubs of a game that was once so great. I also have other methods to counter vicious death if u r interested.

              • Anonymous

                Crap02 Jun 2016 05:34  

                This armor set ruined PVP. I guess someone at Zenimax plays a nightblade and doesn't want to nerf it. Instead they nerf healers, because said employee/nightblade *****ed about healers. I've spent tons of money playing, but I'm about ready to go elsewhere

                • Anonymous

                  Its not you killing them its your cheap.sweaty armor30 May 2016 15:14  

                  Any one who use vd is a fag really no skill is.needed for this set and its ruined PvP every sweaty player on the Ad and DF run it 99.9% of the time the player has no skill they just proxy det soul teather sap essence vicious.death dead and repeat....well done Zenimax you messed up there yet again kudos

                  • Anonymous

                    Stupid Decision30 May 2016 15:14  

                    My first time playing I am pretty sure I got 2-3 pieces of this set. I regret deconstructing it.

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