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Faction Neutral
Previous Zone Any
Next Zone Any
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Deadlands is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). The Deadlands is Mehrunes Dagon's realm of Oblivion. It was added with Deadlands DLC and is accessible to all characters of all levels and Factions.

"An ever-changing landscape of fire and storm, of disaster personified and unending destruction, this is the domain of Mehrune Dagon, Prince of Ambition and Lord of Flood and Flame. Behold its glory and bow before our Lord!"—Valkynaz Nokvroz

Players gain access to Deadlands (after downloading the DLC) by visiting their faction's beginning city (Daggerfall for DC) and accepting the quest from Orsinium's Ambassador. All enemies, and resource nodes are Battle Leveled.

Deadlands has the following Overland Sets: Deadlands Sets


DungeonsPublic Dungeons (Delves)


crafting stations iconCrafting Stations

Group%20BossWorld Bosses

  • The Abomination Cradle
  • Den of the Unmaker
  • Irncifel the Despoiler
  • Vorsholazh the Anvil
  • Kothan the Razorsworn


achievement categoryicon craftingCrafting Motifs & Styles


Deadlands Maps

Deadlands Set Crafting Stations

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The Shambles Crafting Station

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Deadlands Skyshards

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Deadlands Dungeons

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Deadlands Quests

The player arrives in Deadlands after any starting area.

"Description goes here."

Quest Name Obtained Reward
The Celestial Palanquin Lyranth the Dremora Band of the Anchorite
Leveled Gold
Destruction Incarnate Lyranth Gazmod's Leg Guards
Leveled Gold
The Durance Vile Lyranth Penitents' Fists
Leveled Gold
Born of Grief Lyranth Bladebearer Edge
Leveled Gold
Deadlight Lyranth Deadlight Raiment
Leveled Gold
Against All Hope Lyranth Incarnate Illusion Gem memento
Leveled Gold
The Last Ambition Lyranth Staff of Fallen Ambition
Leveled Gold
Ambition's End Lyranth Sharp-Arrow's Favorite
Leveled Gold
Hope Springs Eternal Eveli Crown of the Dagon-Breaker
Leveled Gold
Courier's Folly Telofasa's Diary next to Telofasa's corpse Severguard
Leveled Gold
Death Stalks the Weak Read the Note for Khazasha Fist of the Kalmur
Leveled Gold
The Force of Change Valsirenn Rod of the Eleventh Force
Leveled Gold
A Gem of a Mystery Read the note next to Mikget's corpse Mikget's Layaway
Leveled Gold
Mercenary in the Making Work for Hire in Fargrave Leveled Gold
Mettle and Stone Torn Journal Page Tribunal Miter
Leveled Gold
Peace's Wretched Price Noroth Wretched Ringmail
Leveled Gold
Reformatory Rescue Head Overseer's Orders Pihiba's Cherished Cameo
Leveled Gold
Robhir's Final Delivery Robhir's Letter Robhir's Soles
Leveled Gold
Salvaged Plans Grasp-Kyn Zyr The Stricture's Mantle
Leveled Gold
Uxark's Treasure Bringing three other planestones to Nass Nass's Signet
Leveled Gold
Web of Lies Divayth Fyr Fyr's Wraps
Leveled Gold


Deadlands Daily Quests

All Deadlands Locales & Deadlands Trivia:

Cities, Settlements & Farms

  • Fargrave


  • The Deadlands: Testing Grounds
  • The Deadlands
  • Deadlands: The Ashen Forest
  • Vandacia's Deadlands Keep
  • City of Ash II
  • Edrald Undercroft
  • The Refuge of Dread

Striking Locales

  • Charnel Pulpit
  • Chantry of the Moon Reiver
  • Ravaged Crossing
  • Skein Row
  • The Tempest Engine
  • Traitor's Ascent

World Elites, World Bosses

  • Flarion
  • Ol'icath
  • Domoira
  • Faram-Xaran
  • Kmolag
  • Salosuum
  • Ruinach Count of Cataclysm
  • Havocrel Duke of Storms

Points of Interest

  • Ardent Hope
  • Wretched Spire


  • Annihilarch's Summit Wayshrine
  • Ardent Hope Wayshrine
  • The Blood Pit Wayshrine
  • False Martyrs' Folly Wayshrine
  • Raging Coast Wayshrine
  • The Scourshales Wayshrine
  • Wounded Crossing Wayshrine
  • Wretched Spire Wayshrine


Deadlands Gallery

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