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    • Anonymous

      So the scrubs finally cried enough that they got the weapons, without putting in the effort...... and now if you DID put in the effort you have to redo it all over again through crap rng to get the "perfected" versions. glad i quit.

      • Anonymous

        Be ready to farm it all over again if you had the previous weapons, it does not upgrade with the patch even if you farmed it in vet for so many hours....

        • Anonymous

          IMO VMA weapons should randomly appear on the golden vendor in Cyrodiil. My reasoning behind this is that to beat VMA you need to be an awesome DPS player and yet tank and heal weapons can drop. A dedicated tank or a healer has no chance of beating VMA, so how are those tank and healing weapons supposed to find their way into their respective class’ hands? They aren’t tradable, you can’t group up to do it.

          • Does anyone know if in order for the maelstrom weapon to drop we have to being doing the arena on veteran or if there is same change on normal except weapon will be lower quality?

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