War Maiden is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is a Light Armor Set that is part of the Morrowind Chapter, and has 5 Bonuses.

Light Armor - Telvanni

Bind on Equip

War Maiden


(2 items) Adds 833 Spell Critical
(3 items) Adds 1096 Max Magicka
(4 items) Adds 129 Spell Damage
(5 items) Adds 600 Spell Damage to your Magic Damage abilities




War Maiden Set Information


Where to find

  • Vvardenfell
  • Delve bosses have a chance to drop a waist or feet set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Each boss also has a small chance to drop a unique set piece.
  • Overland group bosses have a 100% chance to drop head, chest, legs, or weapon set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Public dungeon bosses have a chance to drop a shoulder, hand, or weapon set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Treasure chests found in the world have a chance to grant any set piece that can drop in that zone:
    • Simple chests have a slight chance of dropping an item set piece.
    • Intermediate chests have a good chance of dropping an item set piece
    • Advanced and Master chests have a guaranteed chance of dropping an item set piece.
  • If you have the Treasure Hunter Champion Passive, both the above chances and quality of an item will be improved.
  • Treasure chests found from a Treasure Map have a guaranteed chance to drop one random set piece that can drop in that zone.
  • Regular monsters throughout Tamriel have a small chance of dropping any item set piece that can drop in that zone.
  • Pieces can be obtained from the following Vvardenfell Daily Quest reward containers:


Unique Set Pieces

hlaalu_2hhammer_aBlackstone Hammer of the War Maiden

  • Type: Two handed hammer
  • Dropped by: Vassir-Didanat Mine in Vvardenfell
  • Enchantments: ??
  • Traits: Defending

daedric_staff_cDark Staff of the War Maiden

  • Type: Fire Staff
  • Dropped by: Ashalmawia, Bal Ur, Esutanamus, Kushtashpi, Ramimilk, Yansirramus, Tusenend, Prison of Xykenaz in Vvardenfell
  • Enchantments: ??
  • Traits: Infused

telvanni_light_shoulders_aDratha's Epaulettes of the War Maiden

  • Type: Epaulets
  • Dropped by: Vos, Tel Mora, Pinsun, Vvardenfell
  • Enchantments: ??
  • Traits: Infused

Governor's Ring of the War Maiden

  • Type: Ring
  • Dropped by: Seyda Neen, Firemoth Island, Vvardenfell
  • Enchantments: ??
  • Traits: Arcane


redoran_staff_aRevus's Spare Staff of the War Maiden

  • Type: Lightning Staff
  • Dropped by: Nchuleftingth in Vvardenfell
  • Enchantments: ??
  • Traits: Precise

telvanni_staff_aTear-Stained Staff of the War Maiden

  • Type: Restoration Staff
  • Dropped by: Sadrith Mora, Vassamsi Mine in Vvardenfell
  • Enchantments: ??
  • Traits: Defending



  • Values listed are at Legendary Champion 160
  • This set is bind-on-equip
  • This set has Weapons of every type





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    • Anonymous

      31 Dec 2017 23:39  

      Been using 5 War Maiden / 5 Julianos for my damage set on a normally-healer Templar. Works very, very well if extra DPS is needed in a fight, and you don't sacrifice too much healing outside of an applicable 5-piece set bonus.

      • Anonymous

        15 Oct 2017 01:04  

        There is a quest line in Vvardenfell that will give you two pieces. Go to the Tel Mora Wayshrine, near the Vos house. I got a staff and shoulders.

        • Anonymous

          17 Jun 2017 23:31  

          You obtain the jewelry from the daily quests you get in Vivec City and Ald'ruhn. There is a unique precise lightning staff you get from the Gnisis quest line, and a unique infused chest you get from completing the Nchuleftingth public dungeon quest.

          • Anonymous

            11 Jun 2017 10:59  

            Scathing Mage for NB BiS still stands because it not only increases our damage abilities but also our light and heavy attacks with staves. This however is good for those who don't feel like farming ICP.

            • Anonymous

              09 Jun 2017 02:52  

              Is it possible to obtain these set items through the Overland Gear merchant in PVP for 5K AP similarly as the other Overland sets?

              • Anonymous

                07 Jun 2017 12:10  

                People don't realize there is more than fire, ice, or lighting dmg.. magic dmg is it own element. NBs and Templar with use this. No one else.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Jun 2017 11:28  

                  Sets trash didn't realize it was basically a netch set for magic dmg not including any elemental til after I got it put it on and halfed my dps so pissed waste of time

                  • Anonymous

                    27 May 2017 23:11  

                    "Treasure Chests gained from defeating a Dark Anchor have a 100% chance to drop a ring or amulet set piece form the zone they are located in."
                    There is no Dark Anchor in Vvardenfell! :p

                    • Anonymous

                      22 May 2017 07:13  

                      The spell crit bonus is inappropriate . The reasons for changing it from health is inappropriate ( "THEME" was their reason). There are too many sets with spell creitical in the bonuses, far too many. They are going to end up breaking the game with this "THEME" attitude of theirs and fixing things that are not broken.

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