Void Bash is one of the Weapon Sets in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Set is part of Markarth DLC, and has 2 bonus.

Bind on Equip

Void Bash


(2 items) Adds 965 Max Health (Perfected Only)
(2 items) When you deal damage with Power Bash, you apply Call of the Void to yourself for 2 seconds. Enemies within 12 meters are immediately pulled to you. After Call of the Void ends, you apply Major Maim to enemies in the area for 10 seconds, reducing their damage done by 10%. This effect can occur once every 13 seconds.




Void Bash Information

  • Type of Set: Weapon Set
  • Required Content: Markarth DLC
  • Recommend For: Tank
  • Value: 
  • Difficulty to Acquire: Medium



How to Get Void Bash

Vateshran Hollows



Void Bash Notes & Tips




Void Bash Pieces




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