Vateshran Hollows is an instanced Solo Arena challenge in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Solo Arenas are progressive challenges similar to Dungeons and Trials but are designed for a single player experience, presenting difficult encounters that test a player's ability to adapt to its special mechanics, as well as their familiarity with their class and builds. Vateshran Hollows was added with the Markarth DLC and is located in The Reach. It features both a normal and veteran mode to complete, as well as unique rewards for completing a run.


Vateshran Hollows Overview

Vateshran Hollows is a trial grounds located in The Reach where young members of the Spiritblood Clan take on the Vateshran Rites — a grueling test of strength which will allow them to become full-fledged Spiritblood Clansmen. Vateshrans are storytellers who sing their clan's songs. When a young warrior completes their Vateshran's Rites, they earn a song that tells of their triumph over the trials.

The Vateshran Hollows is comprised of three areas or wings themed after three Daedric Princes; Brimstone Den, after Mehrunes Dagon; Hunter's Grotto, after Hircine and The Wounding, after Molag Bal. Each wing has 2 bosses, as well as secret boss. Players can complete the wings in any order but note that the order you complete them in will affect your run in certain ways:

After completing each wing in Vateshran Hollows, enemies in the remaining wings become stronger. i.e., Completing Brimstone Den makes enemies in Hunter's Grotto and The Wounding stronger. Subsequently, completing The Wounding will further strengthen enemies in the Hunter's Grotto. Each wing is also divided into several areas by gates sealed with a bright glowing orb. In order to unlock these gates, you must kill the Elite enemy guarding it. When an Elite enemy is killed, all weaker enemies preceding it will despawn. It is therefore possible to stealth through the groups of weaker enemies and just take the Elite out.

Defeating the first boss of a wing will grant you a traversal tool which can be used to explore the secret areas of another wing.

  • Defeating the Magma Queen in the Brimstone Den grants access to the Brimstone Orbs, granting temporary immunity to lava and allowing you to access the secret areas and boss of Hunter's Grotto.
  • Defeating the Shade of the Grove in the Hunter's Grotto grants the Grappling Bow, allowing you access to the secret areas and boss of The Wounding.
  • Defeating Zakuryn the Sculptor in The Wounding grants access to the Wounding Portals which allows you to access the secret areas and boss of The Wounding.

The secret areas of each wing also contain special Essences which grant stat buffs. Brimstone Den grants a Health-boosting Essence. Hunter's Grotto grants a Stamina-boosting Essence. The Wounding grants a Magicka-boosting Essence.

  • Each Essence grants 5,000 towards its respective stat.
  • There are also Essence Remnants found in the secret areas that each boost their respective stats by a further 1,000 points.
  • Up to 5 remnants can be found for a maximum of 10,000 bonus points towards a stat in a single run.
  • Remnants have many different spawn locations per wing but only 5 can spawn at a time per wing. Keep on the lookout if you wish to max out your stats.
  • The secret area of the wing you start in cannot be explored as you will not have the traversal tool required to access it. For this reason, you can only obtain bonuses for two stats. Choose your stats based on your preference and plan your runs accordingly.

Completing all three wings will unlock a fourth and final wing called the Champion's Circle. Defeating the final boss of this wing completes the Arena and awards a Vateshran Weapon or its Perfected version for Veteran mode completions.


Vateshran Hollows Walkthrough

The entrance of the Arena is called the Hollows Threshold where you can find several NPCs including a merchant. Further in, you will enter into a large room called The Choosing with three colored portals, each leading to a different wing of the arena. The Green portal to the north leads to the Hunter's Grotto, the Red portal to the east leads to the Brimstone Den and the Blue portal to the left leads to The Wounding. Consider the starting tips listed above before starting your run.

Hunter's Grotto


The Hunter's Grotto is the middle Green portal and its secret area will allow you to collect the Essence of Endurance, providing a 5,000 point boost to your Stamina, as well as the Endurance Remnants which grant a further 1,000 points each.

When you enter, follow the linear path and either kill the two groups of Alit, Spriggan and Fire Shalks or sneak past them. The first gate is guarded by a Troll Gatekeeper and two Fire Shalks. Defeat the Troll to open the way forward. In the next segment is a group of Fetcherfly Hives and a Fire Shalk which you can completely ignore. Right past them, you can hug the right wall to sneak past the two Fire Shalks and a Spriggan. The next gate is guarded by a Bristleback Gatekeeper accompanied by two Alit. Initially, you will not be able to damage the Bristleback as it is shrouded in a golden glow which requires the Blessing of the Grove boon in order to kill. A Blessed Spriggan will spawn nearby. Defeat it in order to obtain the boon and then kill the Bristleback.

Essence of Endurance

If you've completed the Brimstone Den prior to visiting the Hunter's Grotto, you can acquire the Essence of Endurance buff in an area southeast of the Bristleback elite. Head down the flights of stairs to enter an area with a river of lava. Having completed the Brimstone Den, you should see a Brimstone Orb along the start of the river. Use the Orb to gain temporary immunity to the lava's effects and make your way through the river. Around halfway through the cavern, there is a fallen pillar with another Orb you can pop to refresh your immunity. Head to the end of the cavern and pick up the glowing Green orb to boost your stamina by 5,000 points. Pop the Brimstone Orb and run back to the fallen pillar where an Endurance Remnant should have spawned. Collect the Remnant to further boost your stamina by another 1,000 points, pop the Brimstone Orb and then head back to the Bristleback's gate.

The first boss of the Hunter's Grotto awaits in a clearing just ahead and below.



First Boss: Shade of the Grove

To begin the battle, kill the three Spriggan Attendants in the center of the clearing.

The Shade of the Grove will take possession of one of the three Lurchers in the area. At first, only one of them will be active but as the fight goes on, all three will become active at the same time, as well as intermittently. The main mechanic to look out for here is the golden glow surrounding a Lurcher, similar to the Bristleback Gatekeeper from earlier. This indicates that they can take damage from your attacks as long as you hold the Blessing of the Grove boon. The Lurchers share a health pool so you only ever have to damage one, but which one you can damage will change from time to time so keep watch for the glow.

Blessed Spriggans will periodically spawn at the edges of the room as well. These Spriggans will attack you but more importantly, they will sometimes channel a tether onto your character which will attempt to steal your Blessing of the Grove. When this happens, be sure to interrupt the channeling Spriggan to prevent the theft, otherwise you will have to kill it to obtain the boon again.

Each of the Lurchers are named and have different attacks:

Marbana - This Lurcher will periodically send three streaks of flame that fan outward in a narrow cone in front of it which deals moderate damage.

Rofsuta - Rofsuta will periodically stretch its arms out to the side, firing several thorns in a cone in front of it. Block or dodge the attack to avoid taking damage.

Saagranth - Saagranth can stomp the ground and release shockwaves in a cone in front of it, dealing moderate damage. It will also plunge its fist into the ground and send a near-room-wide shockwave outwards that deals heavy damage and knocks players back. Finally, Saagranth will sometimes pull a water orb from its face and toss it at you, which will slow your movement speed if it connects.

When the boss reaches 50% health, one of the Lurchers aside from your target will remain active indefinitely, but will be invulnerable. At 20% health, the other one will become active and invulnerable as well. These Lurchers will serve to hinder you with their knockbacks and other abilities. Keep careful watch of ground telegraphs as you whittle down the health of the remaining Lurcher.

Once you defeat the boss, you will obtain the Grappling Bow which will allow you to latch onto grapple points and traverse otherwise unreachable areas. This tool will also allow you access into the secret areas of The Wounding.

Now that you have the Grappling Bow, you have two options: Head east from the Shade of the Grove to continue onto the next portion of the wing or, if you've previously completed the Brimstone Den in this run, you can head north to this wing's Secret Boss.



Secret Boss: Leptfire Keeper

To get to the secret boss, head north to the cliffs and look for a grapple point up and to the west. Get up here and enter the lava-filled cave at the end of the path. Use the Brimstone Orb and follow the river of lava. You will come across a platform with another Brimstone Orb to refresh your immunity. There is also an Endurance Remnant here that will grant you an additional 1,000 points towards your maximum Stamina. Continue along the river to reach a tunnel which leads into a large open cave with a bottomless pit and 6 platforms, each with a grappling point. Grapple up to the closest platform to engage the boss.

The Leptfire Keeper's main mechanic is hopping around the different platforms, forcing you to chase after it. It will sometimes hop further than you can grapple so you will need to make your way using the different platforms. The Leptfire Keeper's main form of attack is spitting flames in a cone in front of it and a shriek attack that deals damage and staggers targets. It will also spin in a circle periodically, spitting flames which persist on the ground for a few seconds all around the platform. Be mindful of your positioning and get ready to grapple as it will likely switch platforms after performing this move.

Once you defeat the Leptfire Keeper, you are granted the Empowered Grapple which grants you the Hunting Speed buff after grappling, increasing your movement speed briefly. Look for a grappling point directly in the north past the platforms for a reward chest and an Endurance Remnantand then make your way back to the Shade of the Grove boss area.



From the Shade of the Grove boss area, take the eastern path towards a waterfall. Use your newly acquired Grappling Bow to grapple across the gap to the other side of the cliffs. You can sneak past the Cliff Striders here by hugging the right wall and head straight into the cave. To the right of the path is a group of Salamanders which you can again sneak past by hugging the wall on the left this time. At the end of the path are two Dire Wolves and the Ogre Gatekeeper. Defeat this group to move forward and despawn all enemies you snuck past, if any.

The next section requires you to grapple across a large gap. There are three grappling points high above in the walls and one more on the ground in the northern section. Underneath each point are platforms you can land on after grappling. Be warned that you may take some fall damage when landing on them. You can also grapple rapidly between points without ever touching the platforms. Your goal is to reach the next section of solid ground in the north. Once you get here, look to the right past the stone arch for an Essence Remnant (if you've completed Brimstone Den in this run and collected the Essence of Endurance). 

On the main path, hug the left wall if you wish to skip the Cliff Striders guarding the area. Check behind the large pillar for another Essence Remnant. At the end of the path is another grappling section with two points in the walls and one on solid ground in the north. Just do the same thing as before and reach the solid ground area. In the next section, you will find a couple of Terror Birds and the Haj Mota Gatekeeper. Defeat these to unlock the gate. Pick up the Essence Remnant by the pillar on the right. Past the gate, grapple across three sections of cliffs and on the third, head straight and turn right for a final Essence Remnant. Head back to the third cliff's grappling point and look to the north towards an upper platform. Grapple up here where this wing's final boss will engage you immediately.



Final Boss: Rahdgarak

Rahdgarak is a Minotaur boss that utilizes most of the standard Minotaur attacks. The main mechanic in this fight is Rahdgarak's aura and the four platforms you fight him on. Each platform has a color. Two are a cold blue hue while the other two are a warm orange. Each platform has a grappling point, allowing you to hop between them. In order to deal damage to Rahdgarak, you must bring him to a platform of the opposite color to his aura. If he is glowing orange, bring him to a blue platform. If he has a frosty blue coloration, bring him to an orange platform. Rahdgarak may hop to a different platform on his own but for the most part, if you grapple onto a different platform, he will follow you. Watch out for when he lands on a platform as the impact will deal damage to you.

Each platform also has a Reach Channeler in the inner corner. These look like blue ghosts holding staves. After Rahdgarak is lowered down to 60% health, these ghosts will stand up and begin channeling spells and throwing fireballs to the platform across from them diagonally. If these Channelers are left to channel their spells for 50 seconds, they will set the platforms on fire, dealing incredibly high damage per second to you should you get caught in one of them. To prevent this, you must interrupt the channelers as soon as you see them throwing their fireballs. Simply take your focus off the boss and grapple to each platform and interrupt the Channelers one by one. If you have collected the Empowered Grapple by defeating the Leptfire Keeper, simply grappling onto a platform will interrupt the corresponding Channeler.

Once all Channelers have been interrupted, you can resume dealing damage to the boss but take note as the Channelers will get up again shortly if you take too long to defeat Rahdgarak. Once he's defeated, your reward chest will spawn along with a portal bringing you back to The Choosing area from the beginning so you can proceed into the next wing of your choice.

This concludes the Hunter's Grotto wing.


Brimstone Den


Brimstone Den is the Red portal on the right side of The Choosing. Its secret area will allow you to collect the Essence of Fortitude, providing a 5,000 point boost to your Health, as well as the Fortitude Remnants which grant a further 1,000 points each.

As you enter the wing, head down the steps and past the narrow pathway where a Clannfear is patrolling. Defeat the monster and just ahead, if you turn to the west, you will see a river of lava with a couple of solid platforms you can use to get across. If you've completed The Wounding prior to coming to the Brimstone Den, you can continue on across the river. Otherwise, skip this next section.

Essence of Fortitude

Take out the second Clannfear along the river bank and make your way across, defeating the two Flame Atronachs floating around the lava. Having completed The Wounding, there should be a Wounding Portal on the opposite side of the river. Make your way here and ensure you have a food buff active before stepping into the portal. On the other side, follow the path into another, much larger body of lava. Pick up the sigil near the riverbank to refresh your Wounding Portal duration and then make your way across the river, using the numerous platforms as stepping stones to mitigate lava damage. If you have enough health and a food buff active, you can simply bunny hop across but be sure to pick up at least one of the sigils in the lava to make sure you can make it across before the portal expires. On the other side pick up the final sigil along the steps and head up to obtain the Essence of Fortitude, boosting your Health by 5,000 points. Collecting the essence will automatically teleport you back to the Wounding Portal entry point. Head back across the river of lava to continue along the next section of the wing.

Back on the main path, you will encounter a Daedroth shortly, accompanied by a scamp. This Daedroth guards the first gate and needs to be defeated to move forward. Check near the lava for a stack of crates where a Fortitude Remnant may have spawned for you which will further boost your Health by another 1,000 points. Continue on through the first gate to a large open area where a Clannfear and three Scamps are standing guard. The Scamps are too spread apart to sneak by so defeat this group. Look to the right side for a pocket of lava where another Remnant may have spawned and then continue along the main path where you will encounter a Brimstone Warden guarding the second gate. Right behind the gate and before entering the boss' arena, look to the left where another Remnant may spawn atop a boulder on the lava.



First Boss: Magma Queen

The Magma Queen is a pixie-type boss that summons Scamps through portals, as well as Iron Atronachs. Take the Scamps out as early as possible to prevent getting overwhelmed. The Magma Queen will also spawn Daedroths from time to time.

One mechanic to look out for is when the boss teleports. She will spawn a geyser right where she reappears which will continually spit fire at you for heavy damage. To deal with this, kill the Iron Atronachs that spawn from the lava surrounding the arena. They will drop a fiery rock on death which you can use to plug up the geysers the boss spawns. As soon as the boss teleports, look for where she reappears, aim at the geyser and use the Rock Toss synergy. Plugging up a geyser will also stun the boss for a few seconds. Beware of the large waves of fire that travel across the arena from the outer edges once the boss hits about 50% health.

Once she is defeated, a reward chest will spawn and you will be granted the ability to utilize Brimstone Orbs which allow you to safely traverse lava for as long as the buff is active. These Orbs spawn in specific points where lava is present. These orbs will also allow you to gain access to the secret areas of the Hunter's Grotto.



Now that you have access to the Brimstone Orbs, look for the one that spawns at the south end of the Magma Queen's platform. To utilize the orb, you need to break it. You can use a fully charged heavy attack to quickly pop an orb but make sure you are standing directly next to it to receive the buff. Now, make your way across the lava and under the stone arch structure. A Fortitude Remnant will sometimes spawn right here. At the end of the path, you need to turn left to move forward but before you do, look to the right instead to find a gazebo-like structure with a few Scamps and another Brimstone Orb. Head here as you will need to refresh your buff to make it to the eastern path. A Remnant may sometimes spawn in the gazebo as well. Pop the Brimstone Orb then make a bee-line straight towards the eastern path where you will find another Daedroth guarding the gate. Look to the eastern side of this room for a small pocket where a Remnant can spawn. 

Head past the gate and before you pop the next Brimstone Orb, turn to the left and walk along the rocky outcrop to see if a Remnant had spawned here. Now, make your way across the lava and have the Flame Atronach follow you onto a circular platform with another Brimstone Orb guarded by three Dremora Kyngalds. Once you've defeated all the enemies, you can choose between heading north to this wing's Secret Boss (accessible if you've completed The Wounding previously on this run) or west to the Final Boss.



Secret Boss: Mynar Metron

To get to the Secret Boss of this wing, pop the Brimstone Orb on the circular platform and run across the lava towards the north. Beware the patrolling Brimstone Caretaker. You can either take it out whilst still on the platform or just weave around its patrol path. Run along the large stone walls and you will see another large circular platform to the left with another Brimstone Orb. Before getting on this platform, check around the stone walls in the lava for any Remnants which may have spawned, if you haven't already collected 5 at this point. Pop the Brimstone Orb on the platform and then continue along north where you will find another platform with yet another Brimstone Orb and a large stone archway in the front which is sealed with a flame barrier. Next to the platform, there is a Wounding Portal which you need to enter in order to unlock the gate. Inside the portal, simply follow the linear path and steps leading up to a platform overlooking the lava river you just came from. There is a lever here. Pull it to dispel the barrier and you will automatically be teleported back to the Portal entry point. Pop the Brimstone Orb on the nearby platform and then continue on north past the stone archways, all the way to the boss' platform.

Mynar Metron is an Iron Atronach that will spend the whole fight standing in the lava on the edges of the platform. It will move around the outer edges but it will never step foot on the platform itself. There is a Brimstone Orb in the middle of the platform that you can pop in order to step into the lava and get next to the boss but this is not necessary as you have plenty of space on the platform to weave between its attacks.

Mynar Metron has three main forms of attack. It can shoot out three fireballs at a time, several times from its chest core. Each fireball travels in a random path and leaves a flaming AoE on the ground that lingers for about 2 seconds. Mynar Metron can also punch the ground and cause a burst of lava to erupt at your currently location. Keep moving to avoid getting hit by this. Finally, Mynar Metron can bring its hands together down low and send out a fan of flames that travel along the ground in a large cone in front of it. There are gaps between each flame where you can move to in order to prevent damage.

Once Mynar Metron is defeated, you will receive a boon called Empowered Brimstone which causes the buff from Brimstone Orbs to also enshroud you in an aura that deals damage to enemies in close proximity. Check the lava behind where the boss was to see if there is a Remnant that had spawned and use the Brimstone Orb to collect it before leaving the area. Backtrack all the way back to the platform where the three Dremora Kyngalds were and be careful of the Brimstone Caretaker, if you hadn't killed it yet earlier.



From the platform, pop the Brimstone Orb and head west. Turn the corner and you should end up on a large platform with a Brimstone Warden guarding the gate ahead and accompanied by several Scamps and a Dremora Kyngald. Defeat all the enemies and then pop the Brimstone Orb in the center to continue onward to the Final Boss' arena.


Final Boss: The Pyrelord

The Pyrelord is a Dremora-type boss found on a very large square arena at the end of the Brimstone Den. There are two Oblivion Gates to the north and northwest of the arena where adds will be spawning from throughout the fight. Fortitude Remnants can also spawn on either of these Oblivion Gates but you may need to wait until the Brimstone Orbs spawn before you can collect them. Brimstone Orbs can spawn in 3 of the 4 corners of the arena, the ones with the extra chunk of circular stone. They will only spawn one at a time during the fight and using them is important so be on the lookout.

Upon engaging the Pyrelord, he will begin swinging his greatsword at you from melee range. He can also quickly breathe fire in a cone in front of him which deals moderate damage but can easily be sidestepped. Periodically, the boss will conjure a shield of flames that orbits him in a ring. Three spouts of flames will also jut out of the ring in three directions. These spouts deal very heavy damage on contact and will rotate around the boss. Follow their rotation and sidestep around the boss as you deal damage but don't stand too close as the shield will also damage you. Alternatively, you can stay at range and pelt the boss with spells from afar until his ability expires.

After he performs his flame shield move, The Pyrelord will typically plunge his sword into the center of the arena, sending a magma eruption that covers most of the arena and deals rapid damage-over-time if you get caught in it. Look at the corners of the arena for a Brimstone Orb which you can pop to prevent damage from the magma. If you've defeated the Secret Boss and obtained the Empowered Brimstone, this is also a good opportunity to deal some free damage as you get close to the boss. The boss will repeat this phase 2-3 times in a fight depending on how long you take to kill him.

At roughly 75% and 30% health, the boss will summon a Flame Colossus from the portals in the distance. This Colossus can summon other adds and can quickly overwhelm you so focus it down and all other adds before getting back on the boss. Once the boss is dead, a chest with your reward will spawn in the center, along with the portal back to The Choosing.

This concludes the Brimstone Den wing.


The Wounding


The Wounding is the Blue portal on the left side of The Choosing. Its secret area will allow you to collect the Essence of Mysticism, providing a 5,000 point boost to your Magicka stat, as well as the Mysticism Remnants which grant a further 1,000 points each.

The first hallway is straightforward. You will encounter four Banekin and a Winged Twilight in the first half, and a group of Two Winged Twilights and a single Banekin in the latter half. These enemies may be difficult to sneak past due to the narrow pathways but they should be easy enough to take out. A Dire Warden stands guard at the first gate and must be defeated in order to proceed.

Past the first gate, consider the path you wish to take. If you've previously completed the Hunter's Grotto on this run, you can access the first secret area by hugging the wall on the left, skipping the enemies ahead in the process. Otherwise, skip this next section.


Essence of Mysticism 

You will need the Hunter's Grotto's Grappling Bow traversal tool here. Hugging the left wall past the first gate, you will eventually come across a cliff with a Grappling Point guarded by two Banekin. Look to the southeast and up the cliff face for another grappling point that will get you across the chasm. There is a platform underneath it that will catch you as you fall. Next, aim for the grappling point situated in the south on solid ground to proceed. Follow the linear path towards another chasm with more grappling points. Note that you can rapidly grapple from point to point without ever touching the ground. Otherwise, landing on the platforms is completely safe. At the end of the path, you will find the Essence of Mysticism orb which will grant you a bonus 5,000 points to Magicka. Collecting this orb will also cause Mysticism Remnants to spawn in various places around this wing and each will grant a further 1,000 points up to another 5,000 towards your Magicka. Backtrack through the path you took, all the way to the entrance of this secret area to proceed into the next section of the wing.


Back on the main path, you can skip many of the enemies by sticking to the cliff edges in the south. You will eventually come across a couple of cages along the edge of the cliffs. Look for a large boulder near these cages and check around it as a Mysticism Remnant may have spawned here, provided you've collected the Essence of Mysticism beforehand.

Continue along until you reach a bridge with pods of electricity crawling along it towards your direction. Proceed along the bridge while avoiding the electricity. There is also a Winged Twilight near the end of the bridge which you can simply aggro and bring it towards the Dire Warden guarding the next section up ahead. Defeat the Warden and check behind it for another possible Remnant. Continue along to the next bridge which leads up into the First Boss' arena.


First Boss: Zakuryn the Sculptor

The fight with Zakuryn is relatively simple. Once you engage him, a huge Flesh Abomination will pop out of the ground and attack you together with its master. The Abomination will perform standard attacks by swinging its massive arms at you but it will also periodically charge its fist with lightning and slam it into the ground, sending several waves of shock AoEs popping out of the ground. Simply watch for the telegraph and avoid the effects. Note that the slam will also damage enemies and this is important for an upcoming mechanic.

Zakuryn on the other hand, will periodically summon Banekins to harass you. These aren't too important but take care not to get overwhelmed. Once his health reaches a certain threshold, Zakuryn will erect a barrier around himself, rendering him invulnerable. In order to break his shield, you will need to pull the Abomination towards Zakuryn and have him slam the ground near the boss. This will destroy his barrier and allow you to damage him again. Before breaking the boss' barrier, however, you should try to get the Abomination down to about 30-40% health as killing Zakuryn while it still lives will cause it to enrage and deal much more damage which can be very dangerous. There is a short buffer before the Abomination enrages after Zakuryn is taken out so try to kill them simultaneously.

Killing Zakuryn will grant you the ability to enter Wounding Portals, which will be used to access the remaining areas of the wing, as well as secret areas of the Brimstone Den.


To proceed to the next part, look to the north of Zakuryn's chamber where you will find a glowing circle on a dais. This is a Wounding Portal. These portals transport you to otherwise unreachable locations where you will often need to flip a switch or a lever to unblock your main path. Upon entering a Wounding Portal, you will have 20 seconds to complete the objective, otherwise you are returned to the point of origin. Inside portal areas, you can find Amplify Sigils which are bright blue glowing orbs that upon collection, will reset your Wounding Portal timer and grant you a brief boost of speed. Be sure to make use of these when you need them.

In the case of this first Wounding Portal, it leads to a narrow path guarded by several Banekin and a couple of Watchers. You technically don't need to defeat any of these enemies. Your main goal here is to reach the end of the path and pull the chain on the mechanism there. Before doing so, look to the left of the mechanism where a Remnant may have spawned for you. Once you pull the chain, you will be transported back to the first boss' room where several floating stone platforms come together to form a bridge in the southwest. 

Head up the bridge and past the stone archway and then immediately turn left and hug the wall. A Remnant can spawn in the small pocket in the corner here. Continue along the path and hug the left wall to skip enemies if you wish. You will eventually come across a Sentinel of Enfeeblement which can enfeeble you, causing your attacks to deal less damage. From the sentinel, follow the walls on the left to find a large boulder where another Remnant may spawn. Return to where the Sentinel was and nearby, an Orgrim Behemoth guards the second Wounding Portal. Defeat it and enter the portal. This portal area works much the same way as the previous one. You will need to pull a chain at the end of the path to form a bridge in the main area. Along the path, you will encounter many enemies, most of which you can ignore. However, you should kill the Sentinel near the middle of the path as it can slow you down. At the end of the path, look around for another Mysticism Remnant, if any and then pull the chain to return to the portal entry point.

From the portal, you will see a bridge forming in the south. At the end of the bridge, look around the area as two Remnants can spawn here. One on the left behind a boulder and one on the right, atop the jagged rocks. From here, if you've completed the Hunter's Grotto prior to visiting the Wounding, you can head towards the southeast to this wing's Secret Boss. Otherwise, skip this next section.


Secret Boss: Xobutar of His Deep Graces

To reach the Secret Boss, head southeast from the previous section where you will find a chasm with several grapple points. Make your way across and follow the path until you reach the Wounding Portal at the end. Enter the portal and just as before, make your way along the path, killing enemies if you wish, or skipping them. Defeat the Sentinel near the end and then check behind the chain mechanism before pulling it as a Remnant could spawn here. This chain will form a bridge that leads to Xobutar's chamber.

Xobutar is a very straightforward fight. Take note of the two prison cells behind him. Once you engage the boss, he will summon a Mimic and then teleport to one of the cells in the back, unable to be attacked. The Mimic can be ignored for the most part as killing it just spawns another one. After 10 seconds have passed, a Wounding Portal will open up in the room which will teleport you to Xobutar. You will have a 20 second window to deal as much damage as you can to the boss before being teleported back to the main room and the process repeats itself for however long you take to defeat Xobutar.

Xobutar's will mainly fire spells at you from a distance but he can also use Daedric Chains to pull you towards him, before following up with an explosive spell that deals moderate damage. He can also cause several chains to jut out from under you that explode after a short delay, dealing moderate damage. Keep moving to avoid this attack. At a certain point, Xobutar will summon 2 Vampiric Totems on either side of the room. These Totems have a proximity AoE which will sap your health if you enter it so destroy them from afar. Each Vampiric Totem left alive will heal Xobutar for 10% of his health so destroy these ASAP before returning to the boss.

Defeating Xobutar spawns a reward chest in the main room and grants you the Empowered Teleportation boon. This ability summons a Bound Chillfiend to fight for you for a limited time after using a Wounding Portal. Backtrack all the way to the main path to proceed towards the final boss.


Back on the main path, take the Wounding Portal in the southeast and just as all Wounding Portals thus far, make your way along the linear path and pull the chain at the end. There may be a Remnant that spawns behind the chain mechanism here in case you haven't collected all the available ones at this point. Once you pull the chain and get transported out, head across the newly formed bridge in the north to reach the final boss' chamber.

Final Boss: Iozuzzunth

Iozuzzunth is a Daedric Titan that uses their standard forms of attacks. He will throw blue fireballs at you if not in melee range and perform claw swipes if you are. Iozuzzunth will also periodically unleash a wave of blue fire that travels to the edge of the arena. It has a moderate hitbox and can be dodge rolled. When you see the Sentinels spawn, you can position them between yourself and the boss and his blue fire wave attack will deal significant damage to the Sentinels. Do not ignore the Sentinels as they can debuff you with some nasty effects.

Another mechanic to look out for is the constant spawning of Watchers atop the ring-like platform high above. These will bombard you with laser beams from their elevated positions. While these watchers do not do too much damage, they can quickly rack up in numbers and overwhelm you. Shortly after engaging the boss, a Wounding Portal will activate on the ground which will teleport you to the upper platform. Wait until you have about 4-5 Watchers shooting at you from the platform before using the portal, in order to make good use of the time you spend up there. Do note that Iozuzzunth will bombard the upper platform with flaming AoEs that persist for a while on the ground if you remain there for a little while. When all Watchers are defeated, you can simply jump down in the middle of the ring to return to the bottom and continue beating on the boss, or wait out the Wounding Portal's timer.

Defeating Iozuzzunth will spawn a reward chest and the portal back to The Choosing.

This concludes The Wounding wing.


Champion's Circle

Upon completing all three wings and returning to The Choosing, there will now be a giant portal on the ground right in the center. This leads to the final wing, the Champion's Circle. Inside, you meet the spirit of Aydolan, who says he is your final challenge, before being consumed by the Void. Maebroogha the Void Lich appears from within the void energies and serves as the final boss of this arena trial.


Final Boss: Maebroogha the Void Lich

This final fight consists of four semi-identical phases. First, you will need to get Maebroogha down to 10% health, after which she begins channeling a one-hit kill Void Eruption attack. To stop her, you will need to grapple to one of the 3 islands floating in the distance outside the main arena. Each island has a Void Portal you will need to enter and defeat the mini-boss within, and then exit through the Void Portal that spawns at the edge of the arena. Each portal is based on one of the three wings of the trial and will contain a mini-boss based on the final boss of each wing and will have some of their abilities. Each portal may also employ a unique mechanic that will persist throughout the rest of the battle. While you are inside a Void Portal, Maebroogha will slowly heal back up so the faster you complete a Void phase, the easier it will be to take her down to 10% again when you get out.

  • The Void Portal based on Hunter's Grotto will contain a Void Firehorn, based on Rahdgarak. This portal also allows Maebroogha to periodically summon a Minotaur spellcaster who cannot be attacked and will continually harass you with spells. This summoning ability will persist throughout the rest of the fight.
  • The Void Portal based on The Wounding will contain a Void Chillfiend, based on Zakuryn the Sculptor. This portal also allows Maebroogha to use a lightning barrage attack that rains lightning AoEs several times from under you, each with a medium radius. You will need to keep moving to avoid these and the mechanic will persist for the rest of the fight.
  • The Void Portal based on Brimstone Denn will contain a Void Dremora, based on The Pyrelord. There will also be a Void Flameshaper accompanying the Dremora. You don't need to kill it but it can make the fight against the mini-boss harder with its constant barrage of spells.

When outside of the void and fighting Maebroogha herself, she will be accompanied by several different adds including Shades and Void Archers. There will also be 4 Void Colossi along the edges of the arena that may be dormant initially. Maebroogha will periodically activate one or more of these. You can also aggro them yourself to have more control over these adds. Success in this fight will largely hinge on your ability to manage adds so take care not to get overwhelmed, even by the smaller ones.

One particularly dangerous mechanic to watch out for is when Maebroogha summons several shades along the edge of the arena. Each shade is linked to an adjacent shade with a Void Tether and they will slowly shuffle towards you, forming a circular cage. Touching the tether results in instant death. You will need to focus down one Shade in order to break their section of the cage, allowing you to get out. Once the Shades reach the center, they will detonate after a brief delay which will also cause instant death if you are caught in the explosion.

After going through the third portal, you will be able to finally kill Maebroogha and complete the Vateshran Hollows. Speak to the Rites Matron that enters the arena to complete the Arena's quest.





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Normal Vateshran Hollows

Veteran Vateshran Hollows








Set Drops



Brimstone Den

Hunter's Grotto

The Wounding



  • Alit
  • Banekin
  • Blessed Spriggan
  • Brimstone Caretaker
  • Brimstone Warden
  • Bristleback Gatekeeper
  • Clannfear
  • Cliff Strider
  • Daedroth
  • Dire Warden
  • Dire Wolf
  • Dremora Kyngald
  • Fetcherfly Nest
  • Fire Colossus
  • Fire Shalk
  • Flame Atronach
  • Haj Mota Gatekeeper
  • Iron Atronach
  • Luminous Apparition
  • Moonlight Phantom
  • Ogre Gatekeeper
  • Ogrim
  • Ogrim Behemoth
  • Reach Channeler
  • Salamander
  • Scamp
  • Sentinel of Debilitation
  • Sentinel of Dissipation
  • Sentinel of Enfeeblement
  • Sentinel of Vulnerability
  • Spriggan
  • Spriggan Attendant
  • Terror Bird
  • Troll Gatekeeper
  • Watcher
  • Winged Twilight
  • Xivkyn Chillfiend
  • Xivkyn Hammerfist
  • Xivkyn Kynlurker




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